How To Give Insulin Shots

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How To Give Insulin Shots
How To Give Insulin Shots
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Life-saving insulin injections are designed to prevent complications that can occur in people with type 1 diabetes. Self-administration of the injection does not cause any particular difficulties if the patient owns this simple technique and carefully controls the volume of the injected insulin solution.

How to give insulin shots
How to give insulin shots


Step 1

Inject insulin into any part of the body where large blood vessels do not come close to the skin and where there is a sufficient layer of subcutaneous fat. When injected into a vein, insulin acts too quickly, therefore, in order to ensure its even absorption, it is recommended to inject it under the skin of the abdomen, avoiding the area around the navel with a radius of 6 centimeters.

Step 2

Moisten the injection site with alcohol or wash with soap and water and dry. Prepare the necessary materials: a syringe, a bottle of insulin, and a swab soaked in alcohol. Check insulin concentration and expiry date. Make sure that the solution is not cloudy, has the same color and is free of flakes and sediment.

Step 3

Wash your hands with soap and water. Gently turn the bottle over several times to mix the contents. Check that there is no sediment left on the bottom after that. Remove the protective cap from the bottle and wipe the cap with alcohol. Release the syringe needle from the protective cap, pull back the plunger to draw the volume of air into the syringe, which will be equal to the volume of solution required for injection. Insert the needle into the vial by piercing its rubber cap and squeeze the air out of the syringe into it.

Step 4

Turn the vial upside down, keeping the needle in the same position, and pull back the plunger by the number of divisions equal to the number of units of insulin to be injected. Make sure the solution is getting into the syringe, not air. To remove air bubbles, squeeze some solution back into the vial or tap the syringe sharply with your finger. Double check that you have drawn the correct amount of insulin and check again that there is no air under the syringe plunger.

Step 5

Remove the needle from the vial and take the syringe as you hold a pencil. Insert the needle quickly full length at a 90 degree angle under the skin fold. If the fold of fat is too thin, insert the needle at a 45-degree angle to avoid intramuscular injection, or use a short needle. Release the fold and, while gently pressing on the plunger, inject insulin under the skin, maintaining the same speed. After injecting, place a swab of alcohol over the injection site and remove the needle from the skin. Press the tampon onto the skin for 3-5 seconds and discard the needle in a waste container.

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