What Is A Medical Representative?

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What Is A Medical Representative?
What Is A Medical Representative?
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The profession of "medical representative" in Russia is relatively young. It appeared during the development of the pharmaceutical business. The medical representative performs the duties of promoting medicinal products in pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, medical centers, and certain requirements are imposed on candidates for this position.

What is a Medical Representative?
What is a Medical Representative?

What a medical representative should be able to do

In order to become a professional in his field, a medical representative must receive a higher education in the appropriate profile, as well as undergo training in the methods of successful sales. Many pharmaceutical companies only employ post-graduate physicians with a specialty. Such specialists have an average age of 25-30 years, they have completed postgraduate studies, received a scientific degree, experience in medical practice. The most in demand are doctors with diplomas from the best Moscow medical universities (Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, Russian State Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Moscow State University) or key medical academies in other Russian cities.

A medical representative must be able to negotiate in an aggressive environment, work with key clients, and hold conferences.

However, having a diploma is not yet the main thing, because the main criterion for evaluating the work of a medical representative is sales. To become successful, a person must improve sales techniques, know the pharmaceutical market perfectly, be aware of all its changes. To do this, he must regularly undergo professional trainings on the effective promotion of drugs. The medical representative must know the methods and techniques of building business relationships, the technology of effective presentations.

Responsibilities of a medical representative

The medical representative must be knowledgeable about the drugs he sells, be erudite and communicative. The duties of the specialists include working with the attending physicians to motivate the prescription of drugs, the use of new medical equipment, and establishing contacts with the chief physicians, heads of pharmacies. Medical representatives conduct informational work, distribute information materials (including treatment regimens with the use of promoted drugs), conduct seminars and lectures for doctors, pharmacy workers, hold presentations, organize promotions, and take part in medical exhibitions.

A candidate for the position of a medical representative must have a presentable appearance and good communication skills.

Candidates for this position usually have the following basic requirements:

- higher medical (pharmaceutical) education;

- work experience as a medical representative of at least two years;

- possession of the technology of effective sales;

- good knowledge of a personal computer;

- Driving license of category "B", driving experience.

Knowledge of English is required to work in Western companies.

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