How To Increase Chest Volume

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How To Increase Chest Volume
How To Increase Chest Volume

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A characteristic feature of the athlete is a wide chest. Not only professionals are striving to increase it, but also newcomers in this business. Many people think that chest augmentation through exercise is not possible. In order for muscle mass to increase, you must breathe correctly so that the volume of the lungs grows. However, as observations show, an increase in the volume of the chest is possible, both due to power and due to anaerobic loads.

How to increase chest volume
How to increase chest volume


Step 1

Athletes use the pullover exercise to enlarge the chest. It is believed that for young people under 25-28 years old, this is the most effective way. It is performed lying on a bench, and the burden moves from behind the head, while the arms remain straight. It is better to start a pullover with a light weight - an empty bar or dumbbells with a total weight of 5-6 kilograms. Running pullovers on simulators usually does not lead to the desired result. After a few weeks, the load can be increased to 8-10 kilograms. Further build-up makes sense if the athlete is doing bench press more than 115 kilograms. In this case, the load can be increased to 11-12 kilograms.

Step 2

You can increase the load by lying on the bench across, and not along. In this case, the legs must be placed on a bench and bent at the knees. This position contributes to excessive arching of the back and does not stretch the abdominal wall. The bar from the bar should be kept shoulder-width apart, arms should remain straight throughout the exercise.

Step 3

Before starting the workout, it is tedious to hold the bar in outstretched arms above the chest, then you need to take a deep breath and lower the burden behind your head. While you lower the bar, breathe in air all the time, it should be one big gulp. Hands should be lowered to a position parallel to the floor and take another breath. Then stay in this position and, exhaling, raise the bar to its original position. The number of repetitions should be at least 12-15. At the beginning of such exercises, you do not need to focus on how much you can do, most importantly, focus on breathing, expansion of the chest during exercise.

Step 4

The load in this exercise can be increased if the head does not lie on the bench, but hangs from it. If you are doing the exercise at home, you can do it on the floor as well. By the way, even professional athletes used to do it this way, but its effectiveness is no lower.

Step 5

Pullover is best done after repetitive exercises that encourage heavy breathing, such as squats, leg presses. This exercise is introduced gradually over several weeks. If you start with high loads and amplitudes, you may experience chest pain.

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