How To Expand The Chest

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How To Expand The Chest
How To Expand The Chest

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Improving your own body is an art known to people since ancient times, and today many men pay a lot of attention to their bodies, keeping themselves in shape and developing all muscle groups. Most often, both beginners and experienced athletes try to develop the pectoral muscles, which allows the chest to expand. In order to expand the chest, you can perform physical exercises available to everyone, training the chest muscles and allowing you to form a harmonious figure.

How to expand the chest
How to expand the chest


Step 1

In order to train the muscles that affect the width of the chest, perform the reduction and extension of the arms in front of the chest with dumbbells, as well as barbell presses from the chest up from a prone position on a horizontal bench.

Step 2

The bench press has a lot of advantages and possibilities - if you change the angle of the press, doing it not on a horizontal, but on an incline bench, you can develop an additional muscle group and build muscle mass.

Step 3

In the process of pressing, spread your arms with dumbbells as wide as possible to give them the greatest load.

Movements in the supine position will allow you to expand the volume of the chest - raise your arms with dumbbells from behind your head and bring them down on your chest, and then return them back, straightening your arms behind your head.

Step 4

These exercises should be performed on a bench or on the floor, and not on simulators, so that the entire load goes to the chest, and not to the back - in this case, the chest will expand.

Step 5

When choosing dumbbells or a barbell for the bench, make sure that their weight is right for you - otherwise you risk injury and strains. On the last lift, to increase the efficiency of the work carried out, hold the dumbbells down.

Step 6

Raise the dumbbells as you exhale, and when lowering the dumbbells down, take a powerful breath.

Step 7

Another time-tested method of training the pectoral muscles is the classic push-ups, as well as swimming underwater with holding the breath.

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