How To Determine The State Of Health

How To Determine The State Of Health
How To Determine The State Of Health

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How healthy a person is can be judged not only by the results of medical tests, but also by some indirect signs. It is enough to carefully examine your appearance and examine your well-being.

Health is the main wealth of a person
Health is the main wealth of a person


Step 1

First, pay attention to the general condition of the body. You should be alerted by frequent headaches and weakness, which can be signs of nervous exhaustion, leading to various diseases.

Step 2

A simple test will allow you to understand how healthy your cardiovascular system is. Climb the stairs at a brisk pace, but not at a run. A healthy person has a slight shortness of breath, but there should be no darkening in the eyes and severe weakness in the knees.

Step 3

Pay attention to your complexion. An earthy, gray hue can be a sign of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, too pale in some cases means vegetative-vascular dystonia, frequent redness, a feeling of blood flow - unstable blood pressure.

Step 4

Brittle, thin nails indicate a lack of calcium in the body. In this case, also pay attention to the condition of the teeth, the lack of calcium harms them in the first place.

Step 5

A yellowish color in the whites of the eyes can be a sign of liver dysfunction, especially if you sometimes experience bitterness in your mouth and pain in the right upper quadrant.

Step 6

Bad breath is a reason to pay attention to the work of the stomach and intestines. Small dietary adjustments may be required.

Step 7

Dizziness, numbness in the neck, sudden weakness - this is how the blood vessels react to stress. These extremely unpleasant phenomena do not necessarily indicate an illness, but when they occur, it is necessary at least to revise the mode of work and rest.

Step 8

Do not self-medicate! Discovered warning signs are a reason to see a doctor, to begin with a therapist. In no case do not disregard attacks of acute pain, even if they pass quickly. Be attentive to your body, and it will reward you with uninterrupted work.

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