How To Treat A Bite In The Corners Of The Mouth

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How To Treat A Bite In The Corners Of The Mouth
How To Treat A Bite In The Corners Of The Mouth

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Almost everyone in their life has experienced unpleasant sensations in the corners of the lips. These are seizures that appear as cracks, sores, or erosion. They are so painful that it is impossible to use decorative cosmetics, and spicy and salty foods immediately cause discomfort. In any case, the nuisance is minor, but causes quite big problems.

How to treat a bite in the corners of the mouth
How to treat a bite in the corners of the mouth


  • - antifungal drugs
  • - erythromycin ointment
  • - 10% glycerin solution
  • - calendula, chamomile or sage
  • - beeswax melted
  • - sea buckthorn, linseed or olive oil


Step 1

Increased soreness and a damaged appearance are the result of the disease, and therefore it is imperative to treat seizures in the corners of the mouth, otherwise the affected area will expand over time. There are many ways to treat and prevent the spread of the disease to the corners of the lips. Everyone can choose the most suitable one for themselves.

Often the reason for the formation of seizures is insufficient adherence to the basic rules of your own hygiene, and therefore follow the timely sanitation of the oral cavity.

Step 2

For the duration of treatment, completely exclude sour, salty and spicy from the diet, since the use of these products causes additional irritation and severe pain.

Step 3

If a fungus is found (during diagnosis), use antifungal drugs: nystatin, levorin, or appropriate ointments. Use antibiotic ointments for severe seizures.

Step 4

Lubricate the painful corners of the lips with 1% erythromycin ointment. You can also use 5% mercury (white) ointment, 10% glycerin and borax solution. Oxycort gives a good result.

Step 5

Make applications, for this, on the corners of the lips, apply cotton pads moistened with an infusion of alder cones or chopped oak bark, which have an astringent and bactericidal effect. An equally good effect is given by lotions from calendula, chamomile or sage. Use tea tree oil, if not, attach a steamed green tea bag to the jam.

Step 6

Vitamin preparations play an important role, and therefore fill in the gaps in the form of a vitamin complex. You can treat seizures in the corners of the mouth using vitamins separately: vitamin A in the form of an oil solution, vitamin C while using a syrup or decoction of rose hips. Prepare a "vitamin" mask for problem areas by applying freshly prepared carrot or cucumber gruel.

Step 7

In case of a lack of medicines, use melted beeswax, as well as vegetable oils: sea buckthorn, olive, linseed. During the procedure, open your mouth wide enough for the treatment to be more complete.

Step 8

Prepare a healing mask in the form of a mixture of finely grated apple, butter and honey, apply to the areas of cracks and ulcers.

Step 9

In the absence of literally all the drugs or necessary components, use earwax and lubricate it with it. Such "handy" material is always near.

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