Physiotherapy Exercises For Babies: Contraindications

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Physiotherapy Exercises For Babies: Contraindications
Physiotherapy Exercises For Babies: Contraindications

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Massage and remedial gymnastics give a powerful impetus to the development of a small organism. However, like other therapeutic methods, exercise therapy has its own contraindications. Consider situations when it is better to refuse these methods so as not to harm the baby.

Physiotherapy exercises for babies: contraindications
Physiotherapy exercises for babies: contraindications

Unfortunately, even such a seemingly harmless method of recovery, as physiotherapy exercises, has its own contraindications.

For whom is health-improving gymnastics not suitable?

Even the simplest exercises put a strain on a small, not yet matured organism. Therefore, it is strongly discouraged to conduct such classes against the background of any diseases. Despite the undoubted benefits, exercise therapy should be avoided in the following cases:

  • Acute disease or chronic disease in the active phase of exacerbation. This group of contraindications includes the so-called colds. Moreover, one should refrain from physical education for some time after recovery or the end of an exacerbation. The exact duration of such a rehabilitation period will be determined by the doctor observing the child, depending on the severity of the illness.
  • A rise in temperature, even in cases where they are not accompanied by the manifestation of symptoms characteristic of infectious and inflammatory diseases.
  • Some experts recommend refraining from exercise therapy after preventive vaccinations, especially if vaccination has caused a temporary deterioration in the patient's well-being or general condition.
  • Separately, it should be noted that if the development of the musculoskeletal system of the baby proceeds with any peculiarities, then the selection of certain exercises suitable for him and the mode of training should be carried out by a specialist orthopedist. Inappropriate exercises in such cases will not only not improve the situation, but can be harmful.
  • Specialists will also not allow kids with cardiovascular insufficiency to engage in remedial gymnastics; or will allow, but with significant restrictions; everything will depend on the condition of the baby and the severity of the disease. The condition of such children, as a rule, is regularly monitored by the district doctor in order to record both deterioration and improvement in the condition. And, perhaps, in the case of positive dynamics in the child's condition, light exercise complexes will be allowed for him. In this case, he will have to do gymnastics under the supervision of an instructor in order to accurately dose the load and not overdo it.
  • Physiotherapy exercises are contraindicated and in all conditions accompanied by abdominal pain, loose stools, nausea, vomiting and other signs of impaired digestive function. In the event of the appearance of such symptoms, a break in classes continues until a complete cure, After that, another 2-3 weeks is given to restore the body, depending on the severity of the disease. After this break, classes can be resumed (with the permission of the district pediatrician).
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Any condition accompanied by increased bleeding, bleeding. Physical exercises are not allowed until the cause of the pathology is clarified and eliminated.
  • Any changes in the analysis of urine, even identified against the background of a normal general condition. Carrying out exercise therapy in this case is contraindicated until the cause of the violations is clarified and eliminated.

Whatever great benefit therapeutic gymnastics brings to a small body, only children who have no contraindications can do it.If a child is found to have conditions incompatible with health-improving physical education, classes should be abandoned, since in this case it can do more harm than good.

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