How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Through Diet And Exercise

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How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Through Diet And Exercise
How To Lose Lower Belly Fat Through Diet And Exercise

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The formation of fat in the lower abdomen is not a particularly pleasant process. The main reasons for its occurrence are abundant high-calorie food and a sedentary lifestyle. Age can be another factor in the increase in belly fat. For example, for many women, such problems begin after 40 years, despite the fact that the figure can remain quite slim.


Why is belly fat dangerous?

In some branches, belly fat may consist not only of subcutaneous tissue, but also of visceral fat. This is a type of fat that is not deposited under the skin, but between the internal organs. This phenomenon can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Waist circumference greater than 88 cm in women and 100 cm in men may indicate the presence of visceral adipose tissue.

How to get rid of belly fat?

1. The most obvious answer is to rethink your diet. Include more vegetables and fresh fruits in the menu, do not forget about seafood, fish, lean meat and other sources of protein. Eliminate altogether or at least reduce to a minimum fast food, baked goods, sweets.

Important! To prevent fat from returning, you should lose weight gradually - no more than 1 kilogram per week

2. The second simple tip is to increase physical activity. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and exercise at home, such as a plank, can help you.


2 simple exercises for the lower abdomen


Lie on your back, straighten your legs, stretch your straight arms behind your head. Press your lower back to the floor. As you exhale, simultaneously lift your legs up and twist the body, while the palms reach to the feet. Hold for a few seconds, and while inhaling, smoothly return to the starting position, but without lowering your arms and legs to the floor. Repeat for 3 sets of 30 seconds.

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Take an emphasis lying on outstretched arms - the body should be stretched out in line. Tighten your abs. Inhale, then exhale and pull one knee to your chest, with your toes resting on the floor. While inhaling, return to the starting position. Do the same for the other leg. Repeat for 3 sets of 30 seconds. Regularity and consistency are your keys to success.

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