How To Help Your Heart In The Heat

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How To Help Your Heart In The Heat
How To Help Your Heart In The Heat

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Summer heat in the metropolis is a serious test even for healthy people, not to mention the heart. How to keep the heat from spoiling your summer plans?

How to help your heart in the heat
How to help your heart in the heat

Take medication

Often, when we are in the garden or on vacation, we forget to take medicines for the heart and blood pressure prescribed by the doctor. However, in this case, regularity is extremely important. On the trip, stock up on the drugs that the doctor advised to take constantly, and take the drugs you need in case of deterioration in health with hypertension or increased pain in the heart area.

Drink water

In the heat, the body needs a sufficient amount of fluid. Drinking sugary drinks should be avoided; in the diet, most of the liquid per day is ordinary water. The core needs to drink it in small volumes so that puffiness does not appear. If there is no doctor's ban, drink at least one and a half liters of water during the day.

Avoid overheating

Try to choose those rooms for work or rest where there is a fan or air conditioning, or simply do not stay in the sun for a long time. If you are outside in the heat, be sure to wear a panama hat.

Don't eat junk food

Fatty foods and alcoholic beverages contribute to increased stress on the heart. During the heat, it is better to choose plant foods, lean meats and fish. Avoid salty foods as salt retains water in the body and increases the burden on the heart.

Sleep in the cool

On a hot summer night, an air conditioner or a low-power fan will help you fall asleep faster. To avoid getting cold, put them away from the bed. If these funds are not available, then the heat is easier to endure if you use bed linen that absorbs moisture (silk, cotton and linen). Cover yourself with a damp sheet for a cool feeling.

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