How To Calculate Your Height And Weight

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How To Calculate Your Height And Weight
How To Calculate Your Height And Weight
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The question of whether the weight corresponds to the height worries many women and men. There are several simple formulas for calculating the ideal weight to strive for in your desire to lose weight or gain weight. Or maybe, by calculation, you will determine that you have ideal proportions?

How to calculate your height and weight
How to calculate your height and weight


Step 1

There are different formulas for calculating the ideal weight for height. Unfortunately, most of them are designed for the average person and do not take into account age, bone width, complexion and health characteristics. However, many doctors, fitness instructors, sports trainers, and health care professionals use these calculations.

Step 2

The oldest and most popular formula for calculating weight is "Height minus one hundred." Measure your height with a special stadiometer or mark your height on the doorframe. Make sure that your heels are touching the wall and your head is looking straight. Subtract 100 from your result to get your ideal weight.

Step 3

Formula "Height minus one hundred", adapted for men and women. From the resulting figure, men need to subtract another 10%. Women need to deduct 15%. With this more modern formula, you can find out your ideal weight more accurately.

Step 4

The body mass index, or BMI, was invented by Western doctors. The calculation of this indicator is currently recognized as the most objective and correct. Calculate your BMI by dividing your weight by your height squared. The resulting number is BMI - an indicator of which weight category you belong to. The BMI of normal weight ranges from 20 to 25 for men and 19 to 24 for women.

Step 5

If your BMI is less than 19 for a woman and less than 20 for a man, that weight is clearly underweight. Perhaps you need to gain muscle mass, even if you look okay with everything.

Step 6

A slight excess weight is observed with a BMI of 24-30 in women and 25-30 in men. With this indicator, everything is in your hands, and playing sports and an active lifestyle will help you find the perfect figure.

Step 7

BMI 30-40 in women and men indicates the actual presence of excess weight. People with such an index need not only exercise, but also diet. You will need to completely rethink your lifestyle.

Step 8

If your body mass index is over 40, then we are talking about obesity. Obesity is a disease, and in order to competently lose weight, you need to consult a doctor. You may have endocrine or other chronic diseases.

Step 9

There are well-known sayings: "There should be a lot of a good person", "The best weight is the one in which you feel good." But you need to understand that the ratio of weight and height is an important component of your health, and be attentive to yourself.

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