Why Ribs Hurt After Exercise On The Press

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Why Ribs Hurt After Exercise On The Press
Why Ribs Hurt After Exercise On The Press
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If the muscles do not hurt after a sports activity, then this indicates that it was not intense enough. The so-called gymnastic pain is completely normal and natural. But what to do when it hurts in the wrong places where it should be? For example, why can ribs hurt?

Why ribs hurt after exercise on the press
Why ribs hurt after exercise on the press

Reasons for rib pain

When you swing your abs, not only the abdominal muscle area is working, but many others as well. The muscles of the back, chest, legs, arms, as well as special, not well-known intercostal muscles are involved. The fact is that the ribs are connected with each other by a special muscle frame, which is loaded simultaneously with the press, especially if you have included the training of the oblique abdominal muscles in your program.

The intercostal ligaments begin at the lower ribs, and they hold the lower eight ribs and the side of the rib cage together.

Do not be discouraged, such pain is absolutely normal, especially for beginners. As soon as the muscle corset of the chest is strengthened, the ribs will stop hurting.

How to organize a workout so that muscles hurt less

Usually, not only the ribs hurt, but other muscles as well. It is helpful to know how you can reduce muscle pain so that you can train more comfortably and not experience severe pain after training.

First, always start your workout with a warm-up. Several jumps, a short run, swinging arms and legs, bending: all this will prepare the body for the fact that soon it will face serious physical activity. Warming up will not only help reduce post-workout pain levels, but it will also protect you from injuries that can occur when the body is not yet warmed up.

Second, end any sporting activity with light stretching. Even if you feel very tired, a few simple exercises will release tension and reduce muscle discomfort.

Stretching lengthens muscle fibers, which greatly increases the body's endurance.

After training

It is very important to "flush" lactic acid from muscle tissue to reduce pain. This will be facilitated by a good massage or a hot bath. And the next day, do a little warm-up. It is not necessary to give the muscles a lot of tension again, but it is very important to warm them up a little. Simply exercising for 15 minutes will already reduce muscle pain. Swimming is also a good activity that is ideal for muscle pain.

If you experience severe pain in the muscles or ribs constantly, and you cannot remove them in any way, then this is a serious reason to consult a specialist. You may have been injured while doing an exercise with the wrong technique. Only a doctor can figure this out. Sometimes, severe muscle pain after exercise indicates a metabolic problem.

If everything is in order with your health, then you can recommend reducing the load. It is better to complicate the exercises gradually, at an even pace, when the body is ready for this. Straining too much in the gym can lead to overwork.

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