How To Cure A Phlegm Cough

How To Cure A Phlegm Cough
How To Cure A Phlegm Cough

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There is no such person who has never experienced a cough. There are various causes of coughing, but the main cause of a lingering cough is upper respiratory tract disease, which may be dry or accompanied by sputum secretion. In the second case, the cough is called wet.

How to cure a phlegm cough
How to cure a phlegm cough


Step 1

If the cough does not go away for a long time, you need to see a doctor. But before starting the treatment of the disease with drugs, it is worth trying the proven folk remedies. Try using boiled viburnum berries, mashed and add the same amount of honey. Reception - several times a day.

Step 2

A similar recipe for honey - mix honey and cranberry juice.

Step 3

Boil ten heads of onions (not large) and a head of garlic in milk, add honey and an infusion of mint leaves. After infusion, take a tablespoon every hour.

Step 4

Fig infusion helps with a wet cough. To do this, boil the figs in milk for half an hour and set to infuse, then turn into a homogeneous mass. This puree should be consumed 4 times a day for half a glass.

Step 5

Proven for centuries and such a remedy: take a glass of linden honey and linden blossom and boil with half a glass of birch buds. After five minutes, strain the solution and add a tablespoon of honey and aloe to it. Consume 3-4 times a day. It is better to store this medicine in the refrigerator.

Step 6

An infusion of herbs will provide essential help. To prepare it, take two tablespoons of coltsfoot and marshmallow, and one spoonful of oregano, pour the mixture with boiling water and leave for four hours, then filter. You need to drink the infusion during the day, replacing it with water.

Step 7

Another infusion made from 1 spoon of wild rosemary, one spoon of marshmallow root and two tablespoons of coltsfoot leaves has a similar effect. The mixture is also poured with boiling water, infused and taken during the day as the main drink.

Step 8

Significantly relief is brought with a wet cough by the use of badger fat, if you rub it on the chest. This remedy will greatly speed up your healing.

Step 9

Pay attention to the patient's diet as well. It is important to reduce the amount of solid food, eat liquid cereals. Try making a black radish salad with sour cream, or occasionally give one spoonful of lemon, grated with sugar, during the day. Some herbalists talk about the healing effects of grapes and bananas. It is better to give up drinking coffee, spicy and spicy foods.

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