Signs Of Thyroid Disease

Signs Of Thyroid Disease
Signs Of Thyroid Disease

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Symptoms of thyroid disease depend on changes in the function of the thyroid gland. With an increase in the patient's function, the heartbeat increases and the pressure rises, and with a decrease, the opposite situation is observed.

thyroid disease
thyroid disease


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All diseases of the thyroid gland are conventionally divided into three groups, each of which characterizes the work of this organ. Diseases and conditions with increased function include thyrotoxicosis. Diseases and conditions with reduced function include hypothyroidism. The third group of diseases and conditions with normal function includes nodular and multinodular colloid goiter, autoimmune thyroiditis without hypothyroidism, cancer, retrosternal goiter and thyroid cysts.

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You may suspect thyrotoxicosis in yourself if you have a rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure, constant fever in the body, heart rhythm disturbances, especially with attacks of atrial fibrillation. Signs of this disease are a sharp decrease in body weight against the background of good appetite, tremors in the limbs and body, changes in the eyes (bulging) and various mental disorders, for example, irritability, irascibility, anxiety, tearfulness, etc.

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Hypothyroidism is accompanied by characteristic changes in hair, nails and skin: the skin dries, flakes, loses its elasticity, nails exfoliate, and hair falls out. In addition, there is swelling, chilliness, and weight gain. You may notice a drop in blood pressure and heart rate, slower speech and movement, decreased memory, and a drop in intelligence. You may experience constipation, drowsiness, and your voice may become hoarse and hoarse.

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Autoimmune thyroiditis is accompanied by an enlargement of the thyroid gland, and you can see it with the naked eye. Signs of nodular and multinodular colloid goiter may be tumor protrusions on the neck. In this case, you may feel some squeezing, impaired breathing and swallowing as a result of the trachea and esophagus being flattened. Endemic goiter can cause a uniform increase in the thyroid gland, but if there is no pronounced deficit, hypothyroidism may not occur, but the size of the gland will grow exponentially.

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Thyroid cancer is painful. If at the same time your voice becomes hoarse, then we can talk about the growth of a tumor outside the gland. Cysts behave in the same way as colloid goiter, changing the shape of the gland outwardly and in rare cases disrupting the process of breathing and the passage of food. You will not be able to consider the retrosternal goiter, since it is located behind the sternum, but when it reaches a large size, the nearby organs will be compressed, which will certainly cause a number of unpleasant sensations.

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