What Are The Most Effective Throat Lozenges?

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What Are The Most Effective Throat Lozenges?
What Are The Most Effective Throat Lozenges?
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Sore throat can be caused by viral, bacterial and fungal infections. As part of complex therapy, it is rational to use lozenges, which relieve inflammation, soften the mucous membrane and effectively eliminate pain.

What are the most effective throat lozenges?
What are the most effective throat lozenges?

What lollipops to choose for a sore throat

The drug for resorption "Gramicidin C" has an antimicrobial effect, does not cause addiction and resistance of microorganisms when used systematically, enhances the separation of saliva, which helps to clear the mouth and pharynx of microorganisms. In addition to symptomatic action, lozenges have a healing effect, since they contain an antibiotic, and not just an antiseptic.

"Gramicidin Neo" in composition practically does not differ from the first drug. But it contains a local anesthetic that has a pronounced analgesic effect. After the first lozenge is absorbed, the sore throat disappears, and it really becomes much easier to swallow.

Stopangin is a combined preparation with an antibiotic and anesthetic. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Lozenges are not recommended for people planning to conceive.

"Septolete Neo" - lollipops with an antiseptic effect. It is most rational to use the drug for viral lesions of the nasopharynx. The drug does not have an antibacterial effect and is contraindicated in babies under four years old.

"Geksoral" - the drug is available in the form of a spray, solution and tablets. Lozenges have not only powerful antibacterial, but also antifungal effects. With protracted tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis, it is rational to use "Hexoral" as part of complex therapy.

"Strepsils" - lollipops with natural menthol and eucalyptus. The antiseptic effect of the drug is complemented by a softening and distracting effect. Rationally used as a symptomatic treatment for sore throat.

"Teraflu Lar" - lollipops with antiseptic and analgesic effect. With a sore throat, it is rational to use the drug as directed by a doctor.

The safety of using lozenges for sore throat

As a rule, when using lozenges, only a small part of the drug is absorbed into the systemic circulation. Therefore, using lozenges to relieve and eliminate symptoms is quite effective and safe. But if a sore throat is accompanied by fever, chills, taking only lozenges may be ineffective. For any symptoms, you should consult a doctor and get recommendations on complex treatment methods. In addition, people with allergic reactions should use pain relievers only on the recommendation of a doctor, as the composition contains anesthetics that can provoke laryngeal edema and a severe allergic reaction.

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