Why The Throat Can Hurt

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Why The Throat Can Hurt
Why The Throat Can Hurt
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Perhaps there is nothing more unpleasant than a banal sore throat that you discovered as soon as you had time to wake up. There are many causes of sore throat, and not all of them are associated with a cold.

Why the throat can hurt
Why the throat can hurt

Before starting treatment and seeing a doctor, make sure that excessive dry air, allergic reactions to pollen, pet hair, or even chemicals in the surrounding air can not be the cause of your distress. Remember that the throat can be irritated from overly spicy or acidic foods taken the day before, hypothermia, or medication.

Cigarette smoke can cause stenosis in a passive smoker - a swelling of the larynx that results in severe sore throat and, rarely, violent coughing.

Common Causes

Unfortunately, the main cause of your problem is usually a cold or pharyngitis, one of the main symptoms of which is an inflammatory process that appears on the pharyngeal wall and is caused by viruses and bacteria.

Not everyone knows that ordinary pain can be just a sign of many serious diseases that require a doctor's examination. Angina, tonsillitis, acute laryngitis, inflamed tonsils - all these diseases are accompanied by pain and classic hoarseness.

With the infectious nature of throat diseases, a runny nose, a typical cough, chills, headache also appear; if a similar symptomatology is caused by a viral infection, the discomfort manifests itself indistinctly, incrementally. Infections that are characterized by similar manifestations are:

- flu, - monoculosis, - measles, - chickenpox or simply chickenpox.

But contrary to popular belief, a growing wisdom tooth cannot cause a sore throat, these processes are not interconnected. When a tooth begins to grow, the gums react first, the adjacent teeth, the nerve may also be affected, but the throat does not suffer.

Non-infectious pathologies

There are a number of other causes of throat diseases that are not associated with well-known diseases. As a rule, it is customary to distinguish among them mechanical damage to the larynx and pharynx, muscle overstrain, ingestion of vomit or gastric juice on the walls of the throat.

Diseases that do not seem to concern the organ under discussion are also capable of causing a sore throat, these are:

- thyroid disease, - osteochondrosis, - angina pectoris, - myocardial infarction, - all kinds of diseases of the endocrine system, blood. In addition, strong painful sensations can provoke bacteria and viruses that transmit sexual diseases, such as syphilis, chlamydia, immunodeficiency diseases associated with damage to the mucous membranes.

A deficiency or even an excess of certain vitamins, such as vitamin C, can also cause discomfort in the throat.

Waking up with a sore throat, take the most responsible attitude to your health, try to find out all the reasons, logical connections, additional symptoms and, of course, contact a competent specialist.

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