Genital Itching In Women: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

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Genital Itching In Women: Causes, Treatment, Prevention
Genital Itching In Women: Causes, Treatment, Prevention
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Itching in the labia can occur in women at any age and for various reasons. In this case, irritation appears both in the perineum and in the genitals. This often indicates a serious illness. Therefore, you need to know the reasons for the development of pathology and treatment options.

genital itching in women
genital itching in women

In adolescence, the risk of vulvovaginitis or fungal infection of the genital mucosa increases. In adulthood, diabetes mellitus or diseases of internal organs can provoke a problem. During menopause, itching in the genitals is caused by a deficiency of female hormones, as there is a sharp decrease in their level.

Main reasons

  1. Allergy to perfumed sanitary towels or synthetic underwear.
  2. Changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy.
  3. Diabetes mellitus, in which small blood vessels are affected, due to which the mucous membrane lacks nutrients - dryness and itching appear.
  4. Diseases of the central nervous system that cause itching of the mucous membrane.
  5. Precancerous diseases, for example, leukoplakia or degenerative lesions of the vulva - kraurosis.
  6. Irritation due to improperly selected intimate hygiene products.
  7. Urogenital fistula, which often appears after childbirth or surgery.
  8. Microtrauma of the skin after depilation.
  9. Candidiasis (thrush) - it can be diagnosed by a burning sensation in the genital area and whitish discharge.
  10. Wearing underwear that is too tight.
  11. Failure to comply with the rules of intimate hygiene.

It is often enough to find the cause to eliminate itching. But in case of illness, systematic treatment is necessary.


Therapy should be started with an examination. Diagnostics include:

  • examination by a gynecologist;
  • collection of anamnesis;
  • general and biochemical blood tests, smear analysis may also be required.

To alleviate the condition of a woman, it is important to observe the following recommendations:

  1. During the period of therapy, a complete refusal to have sex, so as not to provoke more severe irritation of the genitals.
  2. Intensive moisturizing of the vagina with special lubricating gels with natural ingredients.
  3. Compliance with the prescribed diet. It is necessary to exclude spices, grapes, alcohol and spicy foods from the diet.
  4. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. It involves washing several times a day. It is advisable to use special means, not toilet soap.

If the reason is of a psychological nature, then mild sedatives are prescribed. And a special ointment is applied to the irritated area. In rare cases, anesthetic injections are used. For allergies, antihistamines are required.


Itchy labia can be prevented by following these simple rules:

  • compliance with intimate hygiene standards, the use of special cleansers and sanitary napkins;
  • selection of underwear by size and from natural fabrics;
  • timely examination by a gynecologist in order to prevent gynecological diseases.

For successful treatment, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the itching. This can be done both independently and with the help of a specialist.

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