Electronic And Regular Cigarettes: Which Are More Harmful

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Electronic And Regular Cigarettes: Which Are More Harmful
Electronic And Regular Cigarettes: Which Are More Harmful
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Electronic cigarettes are very popular among people seeking to quit smoking. Although the e-cigarette is believed to be harmless, it is not a completely safe alternative to smoking.



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Are electronic cigarettes harmful to health? This question is increasingly asked by smokers who are quitting conventional tobacco in favor of new electronic devices. Electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking, do not cause negative reactions in the people around them, due to the lack of smell. In the process of smoking, no combustion products are released, which are extremely adversely affecting the health of the lungs.

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The design of an electronic cigarette is very simple - the device consists of a vaporizer and a cartridge with aroma-nicotine liquid. The liquid in the process of smoking a cigarette turns into vapor. The safety of this vapor directly depends on the quality of the liquid with which electronic cigarettes are filled. The liquid must be of high quality, free of harmful impurities and toxins. That is why it is recommended to purchase cartridges for electronic cigarettes from trusted manufacturers.

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The e-liquid contains four substances: propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and water. Sometimes a flavoring agent is added to the liquid. Glycerin and water do not pose any danger to human health when they enter the body. The only dangerous substance in an electronic cigarette is nicotine, which enters the lungs in its pure form, without tar and toxins. Propylene glycol is considered a harmless dietary supplement, but many experts say it can cause serious respiratory irritation if inhaled frequently.

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An ordinary cigarette, unlike an electronic one, contains up to 4000 harmful substances. The cigarette contains carcinogens and tar that can pollute the lungs and increase the risk of developing cancer. Also, a regular cigarette contains ammonia, benzene, cyanide, carbon monoxide. An electronic cigarette, despite the presence of purified nicotine, is much safer for health and practically does not affect the state of internal organs; the liquid does not contain toxic and carcinogenic substances. Finally, electronic cigarettes do not leave an unpleasant odor, do not cause discoloration of tooth enamel, do not cause any inconvenience to people around.

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Despite the fact that the electronic cigarette is practically harmless, pregnant women and people suffering from respiratory diseases should stop smoking. Smoking in the presence of children and non-smokers is strongly discouraged.

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