Aqua Maris: Instructions For Use

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Aqua Maris: Instructions For Use
Aqua Maris: Instructions For Use

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Aqua Maris is a drug that is used to treat the common cold and prevent respiratory diseases. Thanks to its natural composition, it can even be used to treat newborn babies.

Aqua Maris for a cold
Aqua Maris for a cold

Pharmacological properties

Aqua Maris is an isotonic sterile solution of water from the Adriatic Sea. This solution is rich in trace elements that help normalize the functioning of the nasal mucosa. In particular, the preparation contains selenium and magnesium, which stimulate local immunity. Iodine and sodium chloride have an antibacterial effect, thereby reducing swelling and inflammation in the sinuses. Aqua Maris reduces the viscosity of mucus and normalizes the functioning of mucosal cells.

By stimulating the work of the ciliated epithelium, Aqua Maris improves mucus evacuation and activates the elimination of foreign particles that cause allergic reactions.

Indications for use

The drug is prescribed for acute and chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the nose, nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses. During the period of postoperative interventions in the nasal cavity, the drug is prescribed to prevent various kinds of infections and to activate the regeneration of the mucous membrane. Aqua Maris is used in the treatment of rhinitis regardless of etiology. In particular, the drug is widely used to treat allergic and vasomotor rhinitis.

Aqua Maris is used for preventive purposes. During an epidemic of respiratory diseases, the drug is recommended to be used for the prevention of infectious diseases. To maintain the physiological functions of the nasopharynx in a normal state, the drug is recommended to be used by people working in rooms with central heating, where there is increased dryness of the air, as well as people whose work is associated with unfavorable conditions, as a result of which the mucous membrane is constantly exposed to negative effects (drivers of vehicles, workers of hot workshops).

In order to prevent the development of disorders in the nasal mucosa, Aqua Maris is prescribed to smokers.


Newborns and children under 1 year old are prescribed children's Aqua Maris in the form of drops. Children over 1 year old and adults are recommended to use Aqua Maris spray.

For the purpose of treatment:

- dosage for newborns and children under 1 year old is 2 drops in each nasal passage of the child 3-4 times a day;

- children 1-7 years old - 1-2 injections 3-4 times a day;

- children over 7 years old and adults - 2 injections into each nasal passage 4-8 times a day.

For prophylactic purposes, the drug is used from 1 to 6 times a day.


The drug has a number of advantages and positive reviews due to its unique natural composition. Aqua Maris can be used during pregnancy.

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