What To Do If The Wound Is Festering

What To Do If The Wound Is Festering
What To Do If The Wound Is Festering

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Every wound received can fester. To prevent this from happening, proper care of her is necessary. To do this, you should use all possible antiseptics: alcohol, sterile cotton wool, ointments, hydrogen peroxide.

Purulent wound
Purulent wound

Suppuration, as a rule, occurs due to infection in the wound - dirt, dust, microvilli. If this still happened to you, then the body begins to fight against foreign bodies with the help of protective cells - leukocytes. In this case, foreign dying particles turn into pus. And if this process is started, then serious consequences are possible, up to contacting a surgeon. After all, pus can become a source of development of tetanus infection, rabies and even gangrene. If you notice that the temperature has risen sharply and inflammation is observed around the wound, you urgently need to call an ambulance.

It so happens that it is not possible to turn to a specialist (for example, when a person is somewhere in nature, on the road) or some people are simply sickened by the very possibility of going to a doctor. In such cases, you can use a first-aid kit, which must be with a person.

You need to take four sterile swabs and a new bandage. The bandage must be folded several times. With two tampons dipped in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, you need to carefully remove the pus from the wound. Further, then this wound is treated with another swab dipped in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. A disinfectant ointment is applied to the last, fourth swab soaked in alcohol. We put ointment on the wound and bandage it tightly so that it does not move out. This must be repeated daily until the wound begins to heal.

If all the measures taken did not lead to a positive result - the wound continues to be inflamed and fester, then it is necessary to go to surgery. They will wash the wound, treat it with antiseptics and leave you in the hospital until the improvement begins.

In the case when the wound does not yet burst, the process of suppuration is just beginning - it cannot be opened, especially at home. It is necessary to apply a tampon to the wound with an ointment containing ichthyol applied to it. This ointment draws pus out of the abscess. And after the abscess breaks through, it is necessary to carefully process and wash the wound, until its final healing.

It must be remembered that only sterile materials should be used to disinfect and cover the wound; all pieces of tissue from clothes should be avoided. They are used only in emergency cases and only for disinfection with alcohol.

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