Aflokrem: Reviews, Instructions For Use, Composition

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Aflokrem: Reviews, Instructions For Use, Composition
Aflokrem: Reviews, Instructions For Use, Composition

Dermatological preparation "Aflokrem" combines moisturizing and regenerating functions. The remedy is prescribed for adults and children from 0 years old. It is used in the treatment of dermatitis and as a basic care for very dry and sensitive skin.


"Aflokrem" is a highly effective dermatotropic drug that restores the water-lipid balance of the skin.

It is produced in plastic tubes with a capacity of 50 g and 100 g. It is sold in cardboard packages with instructions.

Manufacturer - pharmaceutical company "Belupo" (Croatia).

Pharmacy dispensing - no prescription.

Average price - 400 rubles.

General description and composition

Emollient "Aflokrem" contains substances that are responsible for long-term hydration and maintenance of the normal pH level of the skin.

The uniform consistency and light texture of the cream provide it with uniform distribution and fast absorption without the formation of a greasy film.

After applying the cream, irritation, itching, redness and flaking are eliminated. The skin becomes soft, smooth, firm and elastic.

Belupo cream has high barrier properties. Protects the skin from dehydration and the effects of negative environmental factors, therefore it is recommended by dermatologists for children from birth.

Aflokrem - composition
Aflokrem - composition

The preparation contains:

  • purified water;
  • soft white paraffin;
  • mineral white oil;
  • Lanette® emulsifier;
  • Cetomacrogol 1000-PA;
  • phosphoric acid;
  • sodium hydroxide.

"Aflokrem" is produced without the use of glycerin, urea, parabens, artificial flavors and synthetic dyes.

pharmachologic effect

Dermatological preparation "Aflokrem" is specially designed for hypersensitive and very dry skin prone to allergic reactions and dermatitis of various etiologies.

Aflokrem - pharmacological action
Aflokrem - pharmacological action

Emollient Belupo has anti-inflammatory, regenerative and immunomodulatory effects. Accelerates fat metabolism in the cells of the epidermis, prevents premature aging of the skin - penetrating into the upper stratum corneum, replenishes the lack of lipids.

Indications for use

The drug "Aflokrem" is effective in complex therapy and prevention:

  • hyperkeratosis and keratoderma;
  • atopic and diaper dermatitis;
  • psoriasis and weeping eczema in the phase of exacerbation and remission;
  • irritations after professional cosmetic procedures.

According to the instructions, "Aflokrem" is recommended for intensive basic care of problem skin of the face, neck, décolleté, elbows, hands and other areas of the body.

Aflokrem - indications for use
Aflokrem - indications for use

The drug is also effective for dryness and inflammation of the skin caused by living and climatic conditions:

  • low air humidity;
  • high room temperature;
  • frequent contact with tap water and detergents;
  • unfavorable weather factors - exposure to wind, cold, sun.

If you have chronic skin diseases, you should consult your doctor before using the product.


  • rosacea;
  • chicken pox;
  • open wounds;
  • viral skin inflammation;
  • individual intolerance.

It is worth considering that the active components of the cream have a stimulating effect on the sebaceous glands, as a result of which the cream cannot be used for youthful acne.

Directions for use in adults

"Aflokrem" is distributed in a thin, even layer on the previously cleansed skin at least 2-3 times a day.

The dosage of the agent for one procedure is determined individually - depending on the degree of dehydration of the skin and the size of the foci of inflammation and dryness.

In case of severe peeling and roughness of the skin, the cream is applied without rubbing in a thick layer and left for 3-5 minutes. After this time, the treatment site is lightly massaged, and the excess emollient is carefully removed with a napkin.

In case of severe dryness of the skin of the feet, you must first make a warm foot bath for 10-15 minutes, then wipe your feet dry and apply "Aflokrem".

After sunbathing, swimming in the pool, relaxing on the beach - apply the cream in the morning and evening, after a shower.

Use in children, pregnant and lactating women

In children of all ages, including infants, it is safe when used as directed. Consultation of a pediatrician is required to determine the dosage, frequency and duration of use.

Aflokrem - use in children
Aflokrem - use in children

In pregnant women and during lactation - subject to precautions, after consulting a doctor. For moisturizing the skin, preventing stretch marks on the abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks - 2-3 times a day, after taking a shower or bath.

Side effects in case of overdose

Due to its balanced, hypoallergenic composition, Aflokrem does not cause side effects.

However, in case of an overdose or an incorrect scheme of its use, negative reactions are possible in the form of increased skin fat, itching, erythema, prickly heat.


Emolient "Aflokrem" has no analogues.

As its substitutes, it is permissible to use external agents with similar therapeutic properties:

  • "Arnica" - a cream with an active ingredient of plant origin, effective against itching, peeling, burning. Stimulates the regeneration of the skin, has an antiseptic effect, relieves inflammation;
  • "Bepanten" is a healing cream that has a calming and healing effect on the skin after sunburn, dermatitis. It is used for nipple care during lactation. Used as a protective agent under a diaper in children;
  • "Bioderma" is a medical and cosmetic cream for dry and atypical skin. Moisturizes and restores the protective functions of the epidermis;
Aflokrem - analogues
Aflokrem - analogues
  • "Solcoseryl" - a gel for the healing of abrasions, scratches, cuts. Eliminates dryness and flaking, skin damage after "hard" cosmetic procedures;
  • Boro-Plus is a cream used for the treatment and prevention of dry erythema, boils, skin toning, as a protective agent against frost and wind.

For very dry skin, a specialized cream "Belobaza" is recommended, which promotes deep moisturizing, softening the epidermis and restoring its protective layer.


In most cases, consumers note the excellent effect of the "Aflokrem" emollient, in particular, its ability to quickly eliminate dryness and redness, as well as high efficiency from the first days of use.

The convenient tube with a pump-dispenser earned a positive assessment, which allows economical use of the product and prevents bacteria from entering the contents of the tube.

Aflokrem - reviews
Aflokrem - reviews

Separately, the non-comedogenicity of the drug and, of course, the safe composition are noted.

Negative experience of use indicates that the cream can provoke increased oily skin, enlargement of pores and the appearance of a vascular network on the face (rosacea).

Additional Information

To obtain the most pronounced and long-term result, the external use of the dermatological preparation "Aflokrem" must be combined with delicate hygienic procedures on a regular basis.

An unequivocal prohibition is on cleansing dry and sensitive skin with soap and cosmetics containing aggressive surfactants.

The same goes for the temperature of the water - it should be warm. Hot / cold water aggravates existing problems, making it difficult to treat skin pathologies.

Aflokrem - reviews, instructions
Aflokrem - reviews, instructions

After taking a shower or bath, do not rub your face and body with a towel vigorously.

People with sensitive and dry skin should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Only the correct treatment regimen for problem skin will preserve its health, youth and beauty for many years.

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