How Does Lung Cancer Die?

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How Does Lung Cancer Die?
How Does Lung Cancer Die?

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From the point of view of physiology, the lungs are an organ that helps to carry out gas exchange between the body and the external environment. The body absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide so that it can live and thrive. It also happens that this important organ is exposed to diseases, does not cope with its functions, and as a result, a person dies.

Post mortem as it is
Post mortem as it is

There are a lot of lung diseases. However, cancer is in one of the first places. In addition, it is lung cancer that is the most famous among other cancers.

Why cancer

It is widely believed that smoking leads to lung cancer. Tobacco smoke that a person inhales contains carcinogenic substances that enter the lungs, and then with the blood stream - into all organs and tissues. However, this is far from the only reason.

Unfavorable ecology can have an extremely negative effect on human health. Waste from thermal power plants, chemical plants, automobile exhaust and many products of human technical activity enter the environment, and then into the human lungs. Each such substance is capable of starting the negative process of the appearance of malignant neoplasms. When they act in a complex manner, the negative impact is magnified many times over. A person develops cancer of the lungs or other organs.

If the disease is detected on time, the chances of a cure are high. But the longer a person takes a visit to the doctor, the less favorable the percentage of healing becomes. And there comes a lethal outcome.

Lung cancer or post mortem look

When the disease is at an early stage, there are no external symptoms. However, with the development of cancer cells, a wide variety of manifestations can be associated.

- First of all, a dry cough. Patients usually do not rush to the doctor and try to cure the disease themselves, considering it a common cold.

- With the spread of metastases to the vocal cords, hoarseness may occur.

- The expectoration may be pus or bloody.

- As soon as the tumor invades the esophagus, the swallowing function may be impaired.

- Brain metastases can cause headaches or blurred vision.

- Sooner or later, there are strong stitching, sharp pains. First, they appear in the hypochondrium, and then spread to the body.

- The person begins to quickly get tired, weaken, and a depressed state develops.

- Further metastasis goes to the ribs, limbs, pleura. Possible pain in the shoulder blades, shoulders, elbows. They become very strong and are practically not stopped by conventional analgesics.

- The patient stops sleeping without strong drugs, there is a feeling of cold, sometimes muscle atrophy is added.

- Depending on the rate of cancer development, sooner or later shortness of breath appears, problems with the work of the heart.

- The lungs stop working normally, and fluid can accumulate in them.

- In the later stages, vomiting, intestinal obstruction appears.

- Death usually occurs from hemorrhage in the lungs, brain, intestines. Or the agony lasts slowly, when the choice between drugs and torture is more relevant than anything else.

Healthy lifestyle

If a person does not smoke, does not drink, does not live in a place with an unfavorable environment, he can still get cancer. The predisposition to it can be inherited. In some cases, although scientifically and not confirmed, cancer problems can arise even from a bad mood, if it lasts long enough.

A healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude are the best medicines that do not save, but protect against problems.

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