How To Treat Bumps On The Body

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How To Treat Bumps On The Body
How To Treat Bumps On The Body

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Lumps on the human body can result from various skin conditions. The most common are: cysts, follicles, lipomas. Depending on the cause, the bumps can be hard or soft, painful or painless. Why do they appear and how to deal with them?

How to treat bumps on the body
How to treat bumps on the body


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The origin of bumps on the human body can be different, depending on the nature of the existing disease. Most often, they form after injuries or bruises. Also, the reasons for the formation of bumps on the body include: inflamed lymph nodes; infections; insect bites; acne; swelling, folliculitis; an allergic reaction of the body; skin cancer; warts.

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Lumps can appear on various parts of the body. If such seals are found, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since only an experienced specialist can diagnose the true cause of their appearance. For the first visit, make an appointment with a therapist. If necessary, he will give a referral not only for analyzes, but also for examination by other specialists. Once the diagnosis has been made, you will be prescribed appropriate treatment.

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Very often, the bumps go away on their own without any outside interference, but some diseases require the advice of an experienced doctor and a competent course of treatment. To begin with, a specialist will determine the cause of the appearance of these seals. There can be a lot of options.

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If the bumps are the result of an infection, then the doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics and medications against the fungus, since it is very important to stop the spread of the infection and prevent the formation of scars.

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In the event that the seals are the result of the formation of a cyst, then the intervention of a doctor may not be required. In most cases, they go away by themselves. However, in the event of an inflammatory process, cortisone injections will come to the rescue. If the treatment does not give results and the bumps do not go away in any way, you should immediately consult a doctor, since if such symptoms occur, you may have to resort to surgical intervention.

Step 6

Surgery is the only way out of the situation when the bumps are lipomas. They are removed when they cause real discomfort or if they are a cosmetic skin defect.

Step 7

When the lump is an oncological pathology, then it is removed along with the surrounding tissues. It is also possible to call warts a lump, and they are removed only according to the available indications, either by medication (the result is not instant, but gradual), or with the help of a laser.

Step 8

If bumps on the body appear as a result of injury or bruising, then in order to avoid swelling, you first need to apply cold, then apply a cream or ointment to speed up healing (there are many absorbable gels and ointments that are effective for bruises).

Step 9

Another option for the appearance of seals is insect bites. In this case, you need to apply to the skin means that repel them. If, nevertheless, you have been bitten, then the bite sites must be treated with special solutions: "Fukortsin", Brilliant-green solution, alcohol and others.

Step 10

If bumps appear in the genital area, it is very important to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. In the treatment of herpes infection, acyclovir or valacyclovir is used as a treatment. With condylomas, chemicals are used or they are removed surgically.

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