Why Does Nose Bleed

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Why Does Nose Bleed
Why Does Nose Bleed

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Almost everyone has experienced nosebleeds. It begins when blood capillaries burst in the epithelium of the nasal cavity. Sometimes the sight of one's own blood greatly scares a person. However, truly dangerous nosebleeds are rare. So why is the nose bleeding?

Why does nose bleed
Why does nose bleed


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Mechanical damage The epithelium in the nasal cavity is single-layered and very thin. In addition, it is permeated with a large number of capillaries. Due to a bruise, too strong blowing of the nose, or other mechanical impact, the vessel in the nose may burst. It is mechanical damage that is the leader in the causes of nosebleeds - more than 70% of cases. In winter, due to the increased dryness of the indoor air, the epithelium can burst with the slightest damage. Therefore, doctors recommend using special air humidifiers in the apartment. And in no case injure the epithelium.

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Increased fragility of the epithelium The reason for fragility may be a lack of vitamin C. It is necessary for high-quality synthesis of collagen - a protein that increases the elasticity of connective tissue. Curvature of the nasal septum and chronic runny nose can also cause bleeding. To eliminate these reasons, you need to contact an otolaryngologist. Some people have capillaries that are too thin, brittle and close to the surface from birth. In this case, doctors recommend coagulation (moxibustion). With age, atherosclerosis becomes one of the main reasons for the thinning of the walls of blood vessels.

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Increased blood pressure or intracranial pressure Symptoms - noise in stress, fatigue, excessive mental stress, tension, colds, old age. In this case, the fact that the pressure blood flows out is even good, otherwise a stroke may occur. Therefore, coagulation must not be done! The pressure should be normalized, then the bleeding will stop by itself.

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