Asthenia: What Is It And How To Treat It

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Asthenia: What Is It And How To Treat It
Asthenia: What Is It And How To Treat It

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Asthenia is characterized by a set of symptoms that can disturb a usually healthy person a lot: weakness, loss of strength, drowsiness, and the like. However, they can be dealt with quite successfully.

Asthenia: what is it and how to treat it
Asthenia: what is it and how to treat it

Symptoms and causes of asthenia

The nature of the symptoms appearing in asthenia depends on the individual characteristics of the person. So, a choleric person with an increased temperament can show impatience and irritability, demonstrate mood swings and often lose control over himself. The melancholic, who is usually calm and confident, may experience sleep disturbances, general fatigue, increased fatigue, and a loss of ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Nevertheless, for each of them, the symptoms that appear make it clear that some negative processes are taking place in the body. In fact, asthenia is not an independent disease, but a complex of consequences of any other disturbances in the normal functioning of the human body. At the same time, a variety of reasons are capable of causing asthenia. They can be broadly divided into two main categories.

The first of them is somatic reasons, that is, the presence of a sufficiently serious disease or other disorder in the body, which entails such consequences. For example, it can be caused by such diseases as tuberculosis, peptic ulcer or hypertension, influenza and other similar conditions.

However, it is possible that the appearance of asthenia is caused by other reasons that are not directly related to the presence of any disease in a person. So, for example, it may well appear as a result of the irrational organization of work and rest regimes, constant stress, prolonged overwork and other overloads, which are often experienced by a person who seeks to maintain the modern rhythm of life.

Asthenia treatment

The key direction in the treatment of asthenia should be the elimination of the cause, which served as a catalyst for its appearance. So, for example, if it was caused by the presence of a disease, its successful treatment is quite capable of relieving the patient from asthenia. If it was caused by nervous tension and constant stress, then the best cure for asthenia would be a sufficiently long rest, for example, a vacation.

In addition, fortifying and supporting agents can be used to eliminate the symptoms of asthenia. For example, experts recommend in such a situation to take vitamins, eat right, sleep more, walk regularly in the fresh air and give yourself acceptable physical activity.

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