Weakness As A Sign Of Pregnancy

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Weakness As A Sign Of Pregnancy
Weakness As A Sign Of Pregnancy

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Weakness during pregnancy is a common phenomenon associated with the restructuring of a woman's body. The need for vitamins and minerals increases. During pregnancy, the load on the systems and organs increases, which in turn provokes a feeling of fatigue.

slabost pri beremennosti
slabost pri beremennosti


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A woman can feel her pregnancy from the first week of gestation, because changes in hormonal processes will begin in her body. The hormone progesterone, which prepares the reproductive organs for conception, increases its activity. Progesterone has the ability to retain fluid in tissues. This is the reason for the appearance of edema, depression of the psychological state.

During pregnancy, the amount of the hormone estrogen in the blood increases, which is responsible for stabilizing pressure and vascular tone.

Changing the balance of hormones in the body contributes to the appearance of a feeling of weakness.

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One of the first signs of pregnancy can be a combination of manifestations of weakness such as dizziness, nausea, weakness in the legs and arms. All this indicates a decrease in the blood pressure of a pregnant woman. The reason is an increase in the amount of estrogen in the blood, due to which the vascular walls relax and the pressure drops.

Low pressure limits the delivery of oxygen to your unborn baby. As a result of this, a delay in the intrauterine development of the child may occur. The blood pressure of a pregnant woman must be periodically monitored to prevent the development of unwanted complications.

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An increase in body temperature can also be a sign of pregnancy. The defenses of the female body are inhibited. This helps to reduce the risk of embryo rejection. If the body temperature rises above 37-37, 5 C, you should consult a specialist, since the cause may be an inflammatory pathology that requires medical intervention.

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Another reason for weakness during pregnancy is iron deficiency. It is caused by a decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in the bloodstream. The minimum amount of hemoglobin for a pregnant woman is from 110 g / l. To confirm the diagnosis of iron deficiency, it is necessary to pass a detailed blood test.

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