Large Bones On The Feet: Causes And Treatments

Large Bones On The Feet: Causes And Treatments
Large Bones On The Feet: Causes And Treatments

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A misshapen bone at the base of the big toe is a common problem. Women especially suffer from this ailment. It causes significant inconvenience: pain and inability to wear your favorite shoes. Having understood the reasons, you can find the right solution for yourself.

Large bones on the feet: causes and treatments
Large bones on the feet: causes and treatments


  • Heredity. If you have a loved one suffering from such a problem, be on the lookout. A hereditary factor is quite likely.

  • Salt metabolism. Due to metabolic disorders, salts can accumulate in the joints. This is, in some cases, the cause of the growth of the bone on the leg. For clarification, you need to contact an orthopedist.

  • The wrong shoes. Wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes for a long time can cause a number of unpleasant consequences, including deformation of the big toe bone.


  • With minor changes, you can try to fight with homemade recipes. The most effective and common is a mixture of iodine and aspirin. Mix 10 mg of solution with five aspirin tablets. Mix well. The tablets should dissolve and the iodine should become colorless. Lubricate problem areas with the resulting solution at night, wear warm socks on top. This recipe will also help to deal with calluses and calluses.
  • Tinctures, compresses and ointments are only temporary. Their use must be constantly repeated. The surest way to cope with the problem is consultation and treatment with specialists. You may need to regulate your metabolism, drink drugs or herbs with a diuretic effect. There are frequent cases of surgical intervention.
  • For prevention and treatment, special retainers are also used. They correct the position of the toes, preventing and correcting bone deformation. These clips can be worn with shoes. They are made of elastic material and fit snugly around the foot.
  • Don't forget about the benefits of gymnastics in the morning. There is a special exercise for the feet. Stand up straight. Place your feet together. Pull upward as if doing morning stretching. Heels and toes are firmly on the floor. Then lift your toes up and spread them as far as possible, hold in this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. At first it will be difficult to do this exercise. Therefore, in order not to lose your balance, use a wall or table for support.

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