How To Remove Bones On Your Legs

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How To Remove Bones On Your Legs
How To Remove Bones On Your Legs

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No one is immune from the misfortune of a growing bone, ugly protruding next to the big toe, which, moreover, becomes inflamed and sore. Usually women over the age of 45 are susceptible to this ailment. Surgery is often necessary. However, conservative treatment can be quite effective.

How to remove bones on your legs
How to remove bones on your legs


Step 1

Perform some simple remedial gymnastics daily:

- grab a crumpled piece of paper from the floor with your toes and place it in your hand. Gradually learn to grab more difficult objects - a fountain pen, a rag, a cube;

- try to move your toes separately. These attempts, regardless of the result, greatly contribute to the development and strengthening of the small muscles and ligaments of the ankle.

Step 2

Wear only soft, comfortable shoes, preferably without a heel. If any cases require you to put on shoes with a heel for a short time, then it should not be very high and stable. Replace your shoes with sneakers as often as possible.

Step 3

Place cotton swabs between your toes or buy special pads from the pharmacy.

Step 4

So that the shoes do not press too hard on the sore spot, take porous rubber or thin foam rubber, cut a hole in it and sew it onto the underfoot so that the bone fits into the hole. As a result, a free space is formed between the shoe and the bone, and the last will not press on it.

Step 5

Steam your legs in hot water, then intensively massage the bone.

Step 6

Try using a cabbage leaf compress. To do this, cut off the thick central vein from them, beat off and tie to the leg at night.

Step 7

Compress burdock leaves dipped in turpentine or crushed onions.

Step 8

Arrange warm foot baths by adding baking soda and herbal teas to the water.

Step 9

Spread iodine on the bone daily.

Step 10

If none of the above helps, you will have to seek the help of a surgeon. However, the modern method of removing the plaster, and the functions of the foot are fully restored in a week.

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