Exercise For Osteoporosis

Exercise For Osteoporosis
Exercise For Osteoporosis

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With age, all people develop many health problems. It's unavoidable. You can fix everything, the main thing is not to be lazy and take up the disease in time. If a person allows themselves to relax and lie on the couch for a couple of months, the result can be osteoporosis. Great exercises come to the rescue. They are not the treatment itself, but as a combination of prevention and treatment, they are suitable.

Exercise for osteoporosis
Exercise for osteoporosis


Remember these exercises, do it every day, and the result will not be long in coming


Step 1

We put the foot of the left leg on the thigh of the right - as close as possible to the perineum. The heel of the left foot is pressing hard on the inner surface of the right thigh. The supporting leg resists the left heel - the posture is as straight as possible, without distortions. We fix the pose exactly as much as it is comfortable, and perform it on the other side.

Step 2

From the starting position, lying on your stomach, put your palms on the floor at chest level and push the mat under you. Keeping this intensive work of the arms, we bend as we inhale, stretch our sternum forward and upward, taking our shoulders back and down. The navel is pressed to the floor. We try to press the elbows to the chest.

Step 3

Before doing the asana, sit against the wall with your back and pelvis pressed against your back and remember where your heels are. It is on this line that you need to put your palms - and climb the wall with your feet. Legs in relation to the body should form a right angle. The head is down, the neck is relaxed. Fix the pose as much as possible.

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