What Is Rheumatism

What Is Rheumatism
What Is Rheumatism

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Many people experience uncomfortable and often painful sensations in the area of ​​the joints, but do not seek help from a doctor. But behind these ailments can be hidden a serious disease - rheumatism.

symptoms of rheumatism
symptoms of rheumatism

People who suffer from manifestations of rheumatism note the following symptoms: an increase in the temperature of the skin, swelling of the affected joint. It becomes so painful to touch such a joint that the slightest mechanical impact and even touch becomes painful and causes enormous suffering. And the pain becomes unbearable.

Such symptoms are intermittent, that is, one joint calms down after a while, and the other begins to manifest itself in the same way. It turns out that in the absence of treatment, the lesion passes from one joint to another. And then the painful symptoms can disappear without a trace.

But the most dangerous thing is that a person does not even realize that even in the absence of painful sensations in the joints, inflammation in the heart muscle continues. After all, we are talking about insidious rheumatism.

Thus, we are dealing with latent rheumatism, which is still present in the human body, despite the absence of acute attacks of the disease. And the reasons can be very different, including a common cold and even overwork.

It is especially important not to miss rheumatism for a woman preparing to become a mother. This insidious disease affects not only the heart and joints, but also the blood vessels, kidneys, liver and nervous system. The most serious complication after repeated attacks of the disease is the development of heart disease. And the expectant mother has to think first of all about the health of the future baby.

Therefore, at the slightest suspicion, a woman should always consult a doctor, undergo an examination, and during an acute attack, take up treatment. Preventive measures will help smooth out and sometimes avoid the manifestation of rheumatism attacks during pregnancy. This is important, since any treatment for this disease will involve taking medications, which can adversely affect the fetus during pregnancy or the baby during feeding. And the success of the treatment will largely depend on how correctly the cause of the disease is established.

And the most useful advice for women suffering from rheumatism is to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits containing vitamins and drink a lot.

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