Dandruff Treatment In A Child

Dandruff Treatment In A Child
Dandruff Treatment In A Child

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Such an unpleasant phenomenon as dandruff quite often occurs not only in adults, but also in children. The cells of the skin on the head, dying off, are transformed into dry scales of a rather large size. This problem is considered not only aesthetic, but also in some way medical, which is why dandruff must be treated without fail.

Dandruff treatment in a child
Dandruff treatment in a child

Treatment of dandruff in childhood has its own characteristics, this is due to the fact that a simple shampoo designed to get rid of this problem is not always suitable for a child. Therefore, if dandruff begins to appear in a child, you should immediately seek advice from a specialist dermatologist. He will conduct an examination and, if necessary, prescribe the necessary tests before prescribing the most effective dandruff remedy that is suitable especially for children.

In the form of dandruff, the baby's scalp reacts to formula milk, household dust, pet hair, food, and when breastfeeding - to allergenic foods that a nursing woman ate.

The main causes of dandruff in a child may be the following situations:

- poor nutrition, eating an excessive amount of sweet foods;

- an allergic reaction to shampoo, water or bath foam;

- lack of essential vitamins;

- changes (for the worse) in the metabolism of the child's body;

- frequent excitement, anxiety and stress;

- hormonal imbalance (usually seen in adolescents during their puberty).

Treatment of dandruff in children primarily consists in eliminating the cause of its appearance. It is also imperative to change the way you eat. It is necessary to exclude fatty foods, flour and especially sweet foods from the diet. In order to get rid of dandruff, you need to add a large amount of vegetables and fruits to the child's diet, such as: carrots, onions, tomatoes, grapes, lemons and grapefruits. In addition, it is recommended to increase the intake of foods containing saturated fatty acids: fish, nuts, sesame seeds and flaxseeds.

It is also necessary to change the shampoo for the child without fail: perhaps it is he who is the main reason for the appearance of this problem. There are special shampoos, the action of which is aimed at getting rid of dandruff, intended for use in childhood: "Friederm" (containing zinc - for dry skin, and tar - for oily skin), "Sebozol", "Sulsena". These shampoos are sold in pharmacies. Before purchasing, you must carefully read the annotation to make sure that this product is suitable for the child by age. A complex of vitamins will also work effectively in the fight against dandruff.

Often the reason for the appearance of dandruff in children is the lack of vitamins of group B. This phenomenon is especially common in the autumn and spring.

You can try to rid your baby of dandruff with folk remedies: as a rule, they are great help if the disease is in its very early stages. After each shampooing, you must thoroughly rinse your hair with decoctions of medicinal herbs: yarrow or nettle. The broth is prepared in advance as follows: take 200 grams of dry herb of the plant, grind and pour 1 liter of boiled water. Put on low heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

It is also very effective to rub a small amount of olive oil into the scalp before going to bed (it must be borne in mind that it is very oily and measures should be taken not to stain the bedding). Lemon water also has a remarkable effect: the peel of five lemons boiled in boiling water, which, after cooling to room temperature, rinses the hair after the main wash with shampoo. The broth must be applied twice a week.

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