What Is More Effective For Snoring - Massage Or Folk Remedies?

What Is More Effective For Snoring - Massage Or Folk Remedies?
What Is More Effective For Snoring - Massage Or Folk Remedies?

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You can treat a snoring person with humor only when you are not sleeping with him in the same room. In fact, snoring can be a sign of serious illness, and therefore requires careful attention and treatment. Before taking medications, you can try massage or folk remedies.

What is more effective for snoring - massage or folk remedies?
What is more effective for snoring - massage or folk remedies?

For a treatment or massage to be effective, you need to have a good understanding of the cause of snoring. If, during breathing, a stream of air passes through the narrowed airways, their sections begin to interact, rattle and vibrate - as a result, known sounds are produced. The airways can be narrowed for various reasons: weakening of the muscles with age, smoking, taking alcohol or sleeping pills, general fatigue, hormonal disorders, increased as a result of ARVI of the tonsils.

Sometimes congenital features lead to snoring - a curved nasal septum, narrow nasal passages, a long uvula, malocclusion. Of course, getting rid of such deficiencies is much more difficult, but massage and some folk remedies can help reduce the intensity of snoring and the number of respiratory stops. It is the latter that pose the main danger, obstructive apnea syndrome is characterized by a significant drop in the level of blood oxygen saturation, as a result - constant fatigue, nightmares, memory impairments, depression, etc.

One of the most effective, albeit rather harsh, folk remedies for snoring is a "magic" ball. It is suitable for those who start snoring as soon as they go to sleep on their backs. A small pocket should be sewn onto the back of your pajamas or T-shirt, and any ball, for example, a tennis one, should be sewn into it. As a result, the person will experience discomfort and begin to roll over on his side while sleeping. It should be noted that at first it is quite difficult to get used to such a regime, the quality of sleep may deteriorate, but over time everything will return to normal. Within a month, a conditioned reflex is formed to sleep not on the back, and the ball can be removed.

For the first time, the "magic" ball began to be massively applied to soldiers during the American Civil War.

Another effective folk remedy for snoring is cabbage with honey. Every day before going to bed for a month, you need to drink a glass of cabbage juice with two teaspoons of honey. Or crush a few cabbage leaves in a mortar, add honey and eat the resulting gruel. It is best to carry out the course of treatment in August - September, when cabbage and honey are fresh and contain maximum nutrients.

To snore less, you need to stop eating 3 hours before bedtime.

Acupressure massage can only be beneficial if done regularly, over a long period of time. With clean, warm hands, you need to do quick and deep pressure on certain acupuncture points, vibrate and rotate the fingertips for 30-40 seconds.

The first zhao-hai point is located on the border of the dorsum and plantar surfaces of the foot, the second le-chue - on the forearm, 3 cm above the wrist fold, on the side of the big toe. Another point of wan-gu can be found on the border of the dorsum and palmar surfaces of the hand, above the 5th metacarpal bone from the side of the little finger. The recess in the center of the sternum handle is another acupuncture point, the Chinese call it syu-an-chi. Carefully, it is necessary to attribute the Shui-tu point to the massage, it is located at the level of the lower edge of the thyroid cartilage, if you feel dizzy during its massage, you need to stop acting and take a deep breath.

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