How To Restore Immunity

How To Restore Immunity
How To Restore Immunity

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In the spring, many people have weakened immunity. This is manifested by the fact that a person develops chronic fatigue, various sleep disorders, he gets tired very quickly, he is worried about constant headaches and muscle aches. Most often, immunity is reduced in infants, the elderly, in people after surgery, long-term antibiotic treatment, in those who work in shifts, and not only sleep and nutrition are disturbed, but also stress and tension are present.

In the spring, many people have weakened immunity
In the spring, many people have weakened immunity


Step 1

In order to restore immunity in the spring, first replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals with food. Eat onions, garlic, herbs, citrus fruits, frozen berries. Vitamin C increases the body's defenses. Eat tomatoes, red peppers, pumpkin, carrots. Vitamin A, contained in them, renews the cells of the body. Do not forget to eat fish, seafood, peas and nuts, they contain B vitamins and trace elements. Drink vitamin tea with rose hips, ginger, cranberries, green tea.

Step 2

Don't starve or overeat. Metabolic disorders weaken the body's immune forces.

Step 3

Eat less sweets, this also weakens the immune system. Avoid alcohol and smoking if possible.

Step 4

Air the apartment daily, in any weather.

Step 5

Take a walk in the fresh air every day, regardless of weather conditions. Always dress for the weather.

Step 6

Exercise, fitness, sports, this will help restore immunity and acquire a beautiful posture. A healthy spine is extremely important in a person's life.

Step 7

Drink plenty of water (but not boiled) - about two liters a day. You need to drink in small sips throughout the day. This helps to cleanse every cell of the body.

Step 8

Get enough sleep and rest.

Step 9

Look positively at what is happening, learn to relax. Resist stressful situations. Don't keep your worries to yourself. Engage in breathing exercises, yoga.

Step 10

Bath, contrast shower and sauna are excellent hardening factors. It is not cold water and low air temperature that hardens, but the warming up of the body and the contrast of temperatures. Therefore, go to the bathhouse, swim in the river, visit the sauna with a swimming pool.

Take care of your health constantly. Do not restore immunity, but maintain it in a normal state.

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