How To Follow A Green Diet To Lose Weight

How To Follow A Green Diet To Lose Weight
How To Follow A Green Diet To Lose Weight

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Purifying nutritional systems can help you shed extra pounds, improve your health and become more beautiful. Many people are interested in how to follow a green diet to lose weight. This question is especially relevant in the spring-summer period, when seasonal fruits and vegetables appear on the table.

How to follow a green diet to lose weight
How to follow a green diet to lose weight

What to expect from a green diet

If you decide to go on a green diet in order to lose weight quickly and totally - this is not your choice. With the Purification Nutrition System, you can:

- remove up to 2 extra pounds within a week;

- losing weight is not fast, but stable, which is healthier;

- to optimize the condition of the skin;

- strengthen the immune system;

- to speed up the metabolism;

- get a feeling of satiety;

- improve well-being;

- cheer up.

What is a green diet

This is a diet based on green foods. The overwhelming majority of such vegetables and fruits (among the exceptions are avocados) contain a minimum of calories and a huge amount of useful minerals and vitamins. Scientists have proven that unconsciously, bright, shiny dishes, and not food of calm colors, cause a greater appetite.

In the menu you can enter:

- apples of green varieties;

- lime;

- kiwi;

- quince;

- pears;

- gooseberry;

- Green grapes;

- cucumbers;

- greens;

- cabbage;

- green peas, etc.

Most of these green vegetables and fruits contain tartronic acid, which inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. In other words, there is no accumulation of body fat.

Green diet for weight loss: sample menu

Nutritionists warn: you can not deprive yourself of high-quality proteins; a certain amount of fat - not all foods are absorbed without it. To cleanse the body, it is necessary to include a variety of healthy foods in the menu, but be sure to combine it with green vegetables and fruits. For example:

Breakfast: 2 green apples, low-fat cottage cheese (100 g), green tea.

Second breakfast: a mixture of bran (25 g) and pine nuts (a couple of tablespoons).

Lunch: light vegetable soup on chicken breast or ear; cucumber and Chinese cabbage salad with olive oil.

Afternoon snack: green fruit.

Dinner: steamed turkey or lean fish, salad with herbs and cheese.

Second supper: a couple of egg whites or a glass of low-fat kefir.

Helpful tips for green diet lovers

  1. Include a wide variety of green foods in your diet, but remember to be rich in protein (milk, eggs, lean meats and fish). The daily share of fat, including animal fat, is not more than 40 g.
  2. Drink about 1.5 liters of clean water a day without gas.
  3. Minimize your salt intake.
  4. The so-called slow carbohydrates, such as bread, cereals, eat in the morning; fruit - until 17:00; light proteins and green vegetables throughout the day.
  5. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw, boiled, stewed, steamed.
  6. Food with a green diet is fractional at intervals of 2, 5 hours, portions are small.
  7. A diet for weight loss should be combined with physical exercise, preferably also with regular visits to the bathhouse and massage therapist.

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