Animal Hair Allergy: What To Do

Animal Hair Allergy: What To Do
Animal Hair Allergy: What To Do

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Many people have a four-legged family member. For some, pets are fun toys, protectors or friends. Despite this, 15% of the population develop allergies, but people are in no hurry to part with their favorites. It is very important to study this disease so as not to torture either the animal or yourself.


Most often, allergies appear from cats and dogs. It is detected due to the protein contained in the glands of pets. Proteins are found in wool, saliva and urine. Allergies can be carried not only by cats and dogs, but by any animals, such as: hamsters, rats, etc. even aquarium fish feed and ant eggs.

The main symptoms of allergies:

- tearfulness;

- urticaria;


- nasal congestion;

- eye irritation;

- children may develop bronchial asthma.

Allergies can go away if contact with the animal is eliminated, but it can last for six months.

How to treat allergies?

Of course, the surest way is to see a doctor. The specialist will prescribe you a course of treatment or conduct a course of immunotherapy so that you can continue to communicate and contact your pet.

What should you do to avoid allergies?

You shouldn't count on 100% sure that these methods will help. But it's worth a try, it suddenly helps.

So, twice a week, arrange wet cleaning in the apartment. Eliminate drafts in the bedroom. You also need to buy a special shampoo for your pet and wash it at least 3-4 times a week. Ideally, you will see your pet to the vet once a month, but it is enough once every six months if there are no problems.

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