How To Flush The Intestines

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How To Flush The Intestines
How To Flush The Intestines

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Bowel lavage at home can be done in two ways: with or without an enema. But it is not recommended to repeat this regularly, as you can wash out all the beneficial bacteria, which will be very difficult to restore. Bowel problems are more often associated with a slowed metabolism, so it is better to establish it initially, and enemas are an extreme measure.

How to flush the intestines
How to flush the intestines


Step 1

You can flush the intestines with magnesia. Dissolve the package of the drug in 100 g of water and drink on an empty stomach. In the evening, before taking magnesium, refrain from eating fatty foods, otherwise the effect may not be strong enough. After taking the drug, water is collected in the intestine and pressure is created, while all deposits are liquefied. Cleansing is quick and complete, and at the same time it is completely harmless. If after the procedure you feel a strong heartbeat, it means that too much water has come out, and the balance of potassium and magnesium is disturbed. Take an asparkam tablet.

Step 2

Rinsing with an enema does not always completely cleanse the intestinal wall. Add some salt or soap to boiled warm water. Lie on your left side or get on all fours and inject fluid into your intestines. After that, try to keep her inside for as long as possible, but stay in the immediate vicinity of the toilet. If the water did not come out, it means that it was absorbed into the blood. One procedure requires about 2-3 liters of water, and all other additives are at your discretion. Magnesia powder can also be added to the water, then the result will be much better.

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