Causes, Signs And Manifestations Of Nervous Breakdowns

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Causes, Signs And Manifestations Of Nervous Breakdowns
Causes, Signs And Manifestations Of Nervous Breakdowns

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A nervous breakdown is a protective reaction of the body against constant psychological stress caused by intense physical and mental stress. How can this condition be recognized? What are its causes and symptoms?

Causes, signs and manifestations of nervous breakdowns
Causes, signs and manifestations of nervous breakdowns

Signs of a nervous breakdown

Today the pace of life is much faster than even 30 or 50 years ago. Sometimes it seems as if the world has turned into a crazy race, where the smartest, strongest, fastest survive. Of course, not everyone is able to cope with such psychological stress. Stress begins to accumulate, which eventually turns into a nervous breakdown. In order not to bring the situation to an extreme degree, it is necessary to know in advance the symptoms of nervous breakdowns. The main symptoms include:

- increased chronic fatigue and weakness;

- aggression to requests from others;

- excessive self-criticism;

- irritability (you constantly break down on loved ones, friends, work colleagues);

- persecution mania, suspicion, feeling that there are only enemies around you;

- acute headaches, impaired appetite, upset of the digestive system;

- insomnia, depressed mood;

- helplessness in the face of impending circumstances, and so on.

However, this is not the whole list. Sometimes childhood fears, previous traumas, problems with self-esteem, inability to make your dreams come true and much more haunt you.

The reasons for the occurrence of nervous breakdowns are very different. In general, they can be divided into several groups: problems in the family or troubles at work and in the professional sphere.

Sometimes, before an impending nervous breakdown, people complain of sudden weight loss or gain.

Manifestations of a nervous breakdown

In general, psychologists distinguish three stages in the manifestation of a nervous breakdown.

At the first stage, a person does not notice signs of stress and nervous tension and tries to work to the maximum of his capabilities. However, every day the strength becomes less and less, there are problems with sleep, irritability, loss of concentration and other minor troubles.

At the second stage, a person is close to moral exhaustion. He feels lost. Gradually, chronic diseases make themselves felt, depression occurs. Because of all this, relationships with others deteriorate.

At the third stage, emotions begin to beat over the edge: a person either arrives in a deeply depressed state, or begins to behave very aggressively and break down at everyone around. Some have high blood pressure, constantly hurt or dizzy, metabolism slows down.

To get rid of a nervous breakdown, regardless of the stage of its manifestation, doctors advise not to engage in self-healing, but immediately seek help from a qualified specialist who will prescribe a course of treatment and quickly put you on your feet.

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