What Is More Harmful: Cigarettes Or Hookah

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What Is More Harmful: Cigarettes Or Hookah
What Is More Harmful: Cigarettes Or Hookah

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Outwardly beautiful, the eastern tradition of hookah smoking is taking over the minds of smokers more and more. However, this hobby is not at all safer than cigarettes, especially since the composition of the smoking mixture is not controlled in any way.

What's more harmful: cigarettes or hookah
What's more harmful: cigarettes or hookah

In light of the state's purposeful fight against smoking, many heavy smokers decided to get rid of their addiction gradually, first switching to hookah. Statistics claim that the number of hookah adherents is increasing every year, as it finds in this activity the possibility of relaxation and a certain mystical meaning. And the harm, allegedly from him less than from cigarettes. Experts believe that both are just a myth.

Hookah smoking process: mysticism or hoax

Hookah is often presented as a substitute for smoking with a share of sacred aesthetics, promising purification of consciousness and elevation above the bustle of the world. But the facts that with the help of hookah smoking a person wants to relieve stress and tries to get rid of irritation, only proves the ability of hookah smoking to cause addiction, no less than from cigarettes. I’m, they say, nervous, so I smoked to calm down.

Many are attracted by the very mysterious atmosphere in the hookah smoking room, which is equipped by many club establishments in order to attract visitors. Indeed, the twilight lighting, oriental decoration, fragrant and sweetish smoke of tobacco in the circle of "friends" is not at all like smoking a cigarette somewhere in the alley.

In fact, there is little mystery if you plunge into the history of the appearance of the first hookahs. It is believed that their homeland is India, where representatives of the noble class used hookah to smoke tobacco with a large amount of nicotine. It was mixed with fruit molasses. Perhaps this is the origin of the desire to feel rich and independent with the help of a hookah. Although the poor also smoked hookah, but using ordinary black tobacco. Moreover, hashish was sometimes added to it as an analgesic. Therefore, the divine in this action is not visible.

World Health Organization warns

Science, operating only with specific facts, has long dispelled the myth about the lesser harm of hookah smoking as opposed to cigarettes. Hookah smoking is accompanied by incomplete combustion and prolonged smoldering of fuel, which produces a large amount of smoke. There is carbon monoxide, heavy metal salts, and formaldehydes. Moreover, moist smoke penetrates the lungs much more easily. Not surprisingly, many hookah smokers complain of frequent headaches.

The water base of the filter is able to retain 90% of nicotine, but considering that smoking a cigarette lasts 1-2 minutes, and a hookah for 40 minutes, the harm from it is even greater. Following the hookah smoking technique, a person inhales much deeper, so that the smoke penetrates into the very depths of the lungs. Studies have proven that one hookah smoking session is equivalent to 100 smoked cigarettes.

The composition of the mixture for smoking hookah adds harm to health, in which, for the sake of reducing the cost, they put chemical flavors. In addition, there is an elementary lack of hygiene. As a rule, the action takes place in the company, and the mouthpiece is the same for all. Hence herpes, hepatitis, and many other infectious diseases. And for young married couples who are fond of such fun, there is also the threat of infertility.

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