How To Deal With Addiction

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How To Deal With Addiction
How To Deal With Addiction

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It is difficult to find a person who is completely free from addictions. Someone adores computer games, another seizes their experiences with sweet, another one experiences pathological love. If your addiction is bothering you, it's time to get rid of it.

How to deal with addiction
How to deal with addiction


Step 1

Realize that the time has come to give up your addictions. Write down on a sheet of paper all the problems that addiction brings you - worsening relations with family, lack of money, various concomitant diseases that may arise. You need to be persuasive enough to push yourself to change.

Step 2

Decide to give up addiction once and for all. Remove the games from the computer, give the neighbors' children the candies that you loved to feast on at night, remove the contacts of the object of your feelings that do not reciprocate with you, throw out the pack of cigarettes.

Step 3

It is not surprising if from time to time you will want to return to the old habit, because it was so dear to you. Try to avoid situations in which you might be tempted to do so. For example, the cravings for many addictions increase during times of stress. A person may have an intolerable desire to smoke, console himself with a couple of cakes, and urgently buy new clothes in the store. Try not to be nervous - do not meet people who make you unpleasant, for a while avoid taking on new projects and entering into risky deals.

Step 4

Reward yourself for successfully fighting addiction. You can promise yourself that if you can stick to a healthy lifestyle during the week, then go to the spa on the weekend, where you have long wanted, but spared money on treatments. The main thing is to keep your word in front of you afterwards.

Step 5

Sometimes it is difficult for a person to fight their addiction on their own. But you may not be alone, there are specialists who will help you. Try to work with a psychologist who can figure out the causes of your problem and work with you to find the best way to solve it. In difficult situations, doctors are involved in the fight against addiction, who seek a cure with the help of medications.

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