How To Cure A Drinker

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How To Cure A Drinker
How To Cure A Drinker

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The systematic use of alcoholic beverages imperceptibly and smoothly flows into dependence, and alcoholism develops - this is a serious chronic disease with irreversible changes in the brain and central nervous system. It is possible to cure a drinking person with the participation of a narcologist and a psychiatrist.

How to cure a drinker
How to cure a drinker


Step 1

If you notice that your loved one’s craving for alcoholic beverages is becoming stronger, in the morning begins a painful intoxication, popularly called a hangover, or the intake of alcoholic beverages continues for several days - this is the first sign of a developed disease, which requires immediate specialist help …

Step 2

Try to kindly clarify the situation when the alcoholic has another period of remorse, and he swears to you that he will not drink any more. The drinker must make a decision on the need for treatment on his own, you can only push him to this decision.

Step 3

Do not try to hide from others that there is a problem in your family, do not take on the burden of responsibility for the alcoholic. He must independently understand that the problem really exists and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages interferes with normal life.

Step 4

Consult a narcologist with a drinking person. If the problem is recognized, and the alcoholic wants to be treated, he will be prescribed a course of anti-alcohol therapy aimed at restoring the nervous system and mental health.

Step 5

Modern methods of treating alcohol dependence are a set of measures aimed at suppressing cravings for alcoholic beverages. The doctor will prescribe antidepressants if depression is observed against the background of long-term alcohol intake. In case of unstable mood, lack of interest in life, fits of rage, aggression or lethargy, small antipsychotics are used. To restore brain function, nootropic drugs are prescribed.

Step 6

Coding is another method of treatment aimed at achieving a period of permanent remission. But it is carried out only after a course of drug therapy and psychotherapeutic correction, when the main functions of the central, autonomic nervous system and the brain are maximally restored.

Step 7

After treatment, provide your loved one with the maximum psychological support. Do not forget that one emotional outburst can cancel out all the achieved results of treatment and the alcoholic will go into an even heavier binge.

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