What Eye Medications Are Allowed For An Infant

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What Eye Medications Are Allowed For An Infant
What Eye Medications Are Allowed For An Infant

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Baby mothers often experience sour eyes. Sometimes the usual remedies don't help. Parents should know ophthalmologist-approved eye drops for babies to help relieve the symptoms of conjunctivitis.

What eye medications are allowed for an infant
What eye medications are allowed for an infant


  • - "Levomycetin"
  • - "Aktipol"
  • - "Oftalmoferon"
  • - "Opatanol"
  • - "Lekrolin"


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For bacterial conjunctivitis, the usual "Levomycetin" is used. These drops are prescribed by 9 doctors out of 10. But this medicine is quickly addictive. Therefore, if bacterial conjunctivitis persists, treatment is carried out with drops of silver nitrate or erythromycin. In advanced cases, intramuscular antibiotics may additionally be prescribed.

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Mothers are often interested in how to bury the eyes of a baby with viral conjunctivitis. The usual tools are not suitable here. But even all drops cannot be used. Ophthalmologists identify two drugs that are safe for the baby - "Oftalmoferon" and "Aktipol". The undoubted advantage of the first drops is the absence of side effects, as well as immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, local anesthetic and regenerative effects. The medicine is buried only in a sore eye drop by drop up to 5 times a day. In addition to conjunctivitis, Ophthalmoferon is indicated for keratitis, herpetic uveitis, keratoconjunctivitis and even dacryocystitis. With the last ailment, it is also buried in the nose. The only contraindication to the use of the drug is individual intolerance to the ingredients. Another safe medicine for the eyes of a newborn is Aktipol drops. It is prescribed for viral conjunctivitis, degenerative lesions of the cornea and retina and in the postoperative period. The preparation contains para-aminobenzoic acid and sodium chloride. If an allergic reaction to the components is detected, treatment should be stopped immediately and the child should be shown to an ophthalmologist. "Aktipol" is instilled into the eyes up to eight times a day, 2 drops.

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Drops for babies' eyes "Lekrolin" and "Opatanol" are used for allergic conjunctivitis. The first drug is good for the prevention, as well as for the treatment of allergic keratitis. If a baby is allergic to pollen, it is used throughout the flowering season. "Lekrolin" is very convenient to use, as it is available in disposable dropper tubes containing 2 drops of the drug. And yet, some pediatricians do not recommend these drops to children under 4 years old. You can buy Lekrolin only with a prescription. But it can be replaced with "Opatanol", which is very similar to it in principle of action, but causes a burning sensation in the eye area only in case of individual intolerance to the ingredients. Only an ophthalmologist can determine how to bury the eyes of a baby.

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