How To Get Rid Of Swelling In The Morning

How To Get Rid Of Swelling In The Morning
How To Get Rid Of Swelling In The Morning

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Swelling in the morning most often appears on the face, especially in the eye area. They can be triggered by overwork, lack of sleep, late work at the computer, drinking a lot of liquids at night, including alcohol, smoking, salty foods, etc. If you are healthy, then such swelling is not permanent, and it is not difficult to get rid of them. But this may also be the "first bell" that speaks of some systemic disorders in the body - renal, cardiac or endocrine. In this case, only treatment of the underlying cause will help.

How to get rid of swelling in the morning
How to get rid of swelling in the morning


  • - chamomile, mint, sage, lime blossom, calendula, lemon balm;
  • - cucumber or potatoes;
  • -corn silk;
  • - hawthorn, rose hips, lemon and orange peels.


Step 1

Start your morning with a little exercise. It can even be ordinary squats, which activate all processes in the body, including the outflow of fluid. Then take a contrast shower, from warm water to cool, but not cold.

Step 2

For washing, use cold water, possibly highly carbonated, and this way you will get an excellent micromassage with gas bubbles, and salts and minerals will strengthen the skin of the face.

Step 3

Massage the area around the eyes. This must be done very carefully, without stretching the skin - only by tapping with your fingertips and light pressure. Swipe several times along the upper eyelid from the bridge of the nose to the temples, and then also along the lower.

Step 4

In the evening, prepare a decoction of an equal amount (or one of the herbs) of chamomile, mint, sage, lime blossom, calendula, lemon balm in a glass of boiling water. Cool and pour into special freezing cubes. In the morning, massage the skin around the eyes with this cube. This method is not suitable if you have problems with blood vessels on your face.

Step 5

A compress of grated cucumber or potatoes, applied on the face for a quarter of an hour, helps against puffiness.

Step 6

Before going to bed (2-3 hours in advance) try to drink less fluids. If you're thirsty, you can eat a couple of juicy fruits. During the day, you can drink freely, but not more than one and a half to two liters per day.

Step 7

From edema of a different nature, the use of infusion from corn stigmas helps. To do this, pour a dessert spoon of this raw material with a glass of boiling water and leave for three hours. You need to drink it in a tablespoon every three hours for a week.

Step 8

If the swelling is associated with heart problems, then you can try this drink. At night, brew such a mixture in a thermos: equally hawthorn and rose hips, as well as lemon and orange peels to taste (pre-pour boiling water over). In the morning you can drink and sweeten your drink with honey if you like.

Step 9

Reduce your salt intake, as large amounts can retain water in the body.

Step 10

Thoroughly wash off makeup from your face in the evening. If you use a greasy cream, after it is absorbed, always wipe off the remains with a napkin.

Step 11

Sometimes edema can be the result of an allergy to chicken fluff, so if possible, use synthetic padding pillows. And do not choose low pillows so that blood circulates normally in the body.

Step 12

Ventilate the room in which you sleep more often, especially at night. This will promote better rest and reduce or disappear swelling.

Step 13

If swelling occurs as a result of pregnancy, reconsider your diet. Half a liter of fresh juice in the morning, vegetable soup for lunch and at dinner - a glass of stewed fruit or kefir will help you unload the kidneys. Reduce salt intake during this period to the minimum dose.

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