What Are Hunger Pains

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What Are Hunger Pains
What Are Hunger Pains

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The feeling of hunger is unpleasant in itself, but in some people it provokes severe stomach pains. Often you can get rid of them by eating a piece of bread or drinking a glass of kefir, but do not underestimate this ailment. Hunger pains can be a symptom of dangerous diseases.

What are hunger pains
What are hunger pains

As a rule, hunger pains occur several hours after the last meal. Depending on the cause that causes this condition, the pain can be pulsating, baking, burning, shooting, aching, twitching. Unpleasant sensations are most often localized in the left hypochondrium, pressure on the affected area seems extremely painful. Often, hunger pains are accompanied by nausea and vomiting. However, even taking a small amount of food - a piece of bread, cookies, a glass of milk is enough to eliminate discomfort.

If liquid helps you to overcome hunger pains, most likely the reason lies in the pathology in the duodenum.

What causes hunger pains

Often the cause of hunger pains is an ulcer or pre-ulcer condition. A stomach ulcer, as a rule, gives discomfort within an hour after the patient has eaten. At the same time, the appetite decreases - a person experiencing hunger pains consciously does not want to eat, but he has to take food to drown out unpleasant sensations, and after a couple of hours everything repeats again. If stomach pain occurs three to five hours after eating, it may be a symptom of a duodenal ulcer.

There is also a more optimistic forecast. Hunger pain may be "just" a symptom of gastritis.

Mild hunger pains that follow after sunset can be a symptom of hormonal imbalance. When the ratio of melatonin and lepton changes, the body seems to confuse day with night. In the daytime, appetite can be reduced, but with the onset of darkness, the body wakes up and requires its portion.

Often, hormonal imbalances are accompanied by insomnia.

Finally, hunger pains can occur due to depression or overexertion. There are disturbances in the secretion of gastric juice, and during hunger a person experiences very unpleasant sensations.

What to do

Hunger pains are a symptom of rather unpleasant and dangerous diseases, so you should urgently visit a gastroenterologist, who will send you for examination. If an ulcer or gastritis is confirmed, your doctor will give you all the necessary treatment recommendations. If the disease is not confirmed, pay attention to your state of mind and lifestyle. Eliminate your stressors - try to resolve problems at work and in your personal life, on your own or with a counselor who can help you understand what is bothering you and tell you what to do. Stick to a routine - go to bed and get up at the same time, set aside certain hours for meals, exercise, and be outdoors more often. After that, the pains that bother you should disappear.

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