How Long Do You Need A Doppler During Pregnancy

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How Long Do You Need A Doppler During Pregnancy
How Long Do You Need A Doppler During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the expectant mother is prescribed several routine examinations, including an ultrasound Doppler. This is necessary in order to keep under control the process of carrying a child, as well as its development in the womb.

How long doppler is needed during pregnancy
How long doppler is needed during pregnancy

How is Doppler different from ultrasound?

Doppler study, like ultrasound, analyzes the nature of the signal that is reflected from tissues or particles. But there are still differences.

By means of ultrasound, an image of tissues in a static position is obtained, which helps to determine whether the fetus has abnormalities in the position of the organs, whether development is normal. When performing Doppler ultrasound, the Doppler effect is used. This involves measuring the speed of the signal from moving blood particles. This study allows you to measure the rate of blood flow in the "uterus - placenta - fetus" system, to calculate the frequency with which the baby's heart is contracting, and also to determine whether the baby's organs are receiving enough blood.

This diagnosis provides very valuable information for the study of many diseases. But, nevertheless, the intensity of ultrasound during its conduct is higher than with ultrasound.

There are two types of Doppler studies. Duplex provides information about blood flow velocity and vascular patency. When using the triplex method, color is added to the image, which allows for a more detailed study of the state of the blood.

When is a Doppler study prescribed?

During pregnancy, the gynecologist who observes the woman develops an action plan. Its compilation is influenced by the condition of the expectant mother, as well as the presence of her bad habits and chronic diseases. But there are procedures that are mandatory during the period of bearing a child, and one of them is an ultrasound scan with a Doppler.

Such a survey must be performed twice within nine months, the first time at 22-24 weeks, and the second at 30-34. But if the doctor discovers any developmental abnormalities, he can prescribe Doppler measurements several times.

There are several additional indicators for conducting a Doppler study, for example, multiple pregnancies. This diagnosis can provide additional information, thanks to which it is possible to identify pathologies.

If a pregnant woman has any diseases, for example, diabetes or hypertension, Doppler analysis helps to determine the risk group and choose a treatment.

With Rh sensitization, a Doppler study can help identify increased blood flow in the umbilical cord, which may indicate the development of complications. If the size of the fetus does not correspond to the gestational age, then using the Doppler it is possible to determine the cause, for example, fetal hypoxia.

Doppler examination does not do any harm, and also does not affect the development of the baby. It is more than useful because it allows you to determine the condition of the fetus and the degree of its development. There are cases when hypoxia was detected only with the help of ultrasound with Doppler and treatment was prescribed on time, which prevented an accident.

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