How To Take Gedelix

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How To Take Gedelix
How To Take Gedelix

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Gedelix refers to drugs used to treat infections of the respiratory tract. Its advantage lies in its natural composition, thanks to which the drug is approved for use in all age groups.

How to take Gedelix
How to take Gedelix


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"Gedelix" consists of natural ingredients, which has earned great popularity among people who prefer to be treated with folk remedies. It is no less effective than expectorant herbs (thyme, licorice, anise, marshmallow root), but, unlike them, does not need preliminary preparation. The active ingredient in the medicine is ivy leaves, which reduce coughing and make breathing easier. One of the few contraindications to treatment with Gedelix is ​​an individual intolerance to the drug, which can manifest itself in the form of an allergy. The drug is available in the form of syrup and drops.

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Syrup "Gedelix" can be used at any age, but up to 10 years old you should drink it diluted. Using a measuring spoon, which is in each package, measure the required dose of the medicine and take it inside after eating. For children under one year old, "Gedelix" is prescribed no more than once a day in the amount of 2.5 ml. Mix the syrup with a little water and use a syringe without a needle to inject it into the baby's cheek. The child will reflexively swallow the medicine. At the age of one to three years, "Gedelix" is prescribed in the same dosage, but it is necessary to give the medicine three times a day. From 4 to 10 years, the daily number of doses of the drug is increased to four. A single dosage is still the same - half a measuring spoon or 2.5 ml. From 10 years old, the syrup can not be diluted with water. Adults and adolescents are shown taking "Gedelix" three times a day, one measuring spoon (5 ml).

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"Gedelix" drops are also taken after meals. But, unlike syrup, drops are not prescribed before the age of two years. To obtain the effect of the treatment, it is necessary to drink Gedelix three times a day. At the age of 2-4 years - 16 drops at a time, at 4-10 years old - 21 drops, adolescents and adults - 31 drops at a time.

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Take Gedelix for at least a week. To consolidate the effect after recovery, you should not stop therapy for another two to three days. Drink as much warm liquid as possible during treatment.

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