What Antiviral Drugs Can Be Taken By Pregnant Women

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What Antiviral Drugs Can Be Taken By Pregnant Women
What Antiviral Drugs Can Be Taken By Pregnant Women

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During pregnancy, there is a significant decrease in immunity. Because of this, the organism of the expectant mother becomes an easy enough "prey" for bacteria and viruses. The most dangerous are respiratory viral infections in the first trimester. At this time, the placenta still does not fully fulfill its protective functions, and the cells of the fetus are intensively growing and multiplying.

What antiviral drugs can be taken by pregnant women
What antiviral drugs can be taken by pregnant women


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Almost any, even the most harmless, infectious disease can lead to a failure in the development of any vital organ or system. This is fraught with miscarriage and the birth of a weakened, sickly child. It is difficult to protect yourself from colds and flu during pregnancy. For this, it is advisable to temporarily abandon professional activities, during the period of viral epidemics, to stop visiting crowded places. However, even this does not give a 100% guarantee to protect yourself from the occurrence of ailments. Therefore, if you do get sick during pregnancy, you should take action.

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First of all, visit a therapist and begin to be treated under his supervision. SARS, influenza are diseases that appear as a result of the penetration of viruses into the body. Thus, in order to eliminate them, it is necessary to use antiviral drugs.

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Which ones can you take during pregnancy? Viferon is an antiviral agent that comes in various forms. Pregnant women are advised to use rectal suppositories. They strengthen the immune system, and also do not have a negative effect on the kidneys and liver of the expectant mother.

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"Otsilokoktsinum" is a homeopathic antiviral drug that is produced in granules. According to some experts, in treating colds with this remedy, its effectiveness is comparable to that of a placebo. However, many people note that this antiviral agent does help them.

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"Anaferon" is considered to be a completely harmless drug, since this medicine has a homeopathic origin. During pregnancy, it is often prescribed as an antiviral agent. However, the effect of such a drug on the fetus has not been sufficiently studied to date. Therefore, you should either take it with caution, or choose another antiviral agent for pregnant women.

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Topical antiviral, anti-inflammatory throat sprays and drops. This category of antiviral drugs is most preferred during pregnancy, since local drugs are not as harmful to the developing fetus as the drugs that the expectant mother takes orally.

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What kind of antiviral agent can be taken in your case, your doctor should decide. In no case should you self-medicate. Loved by many, "Arbidol" is contraindicated during pregnancy, however, like many other drugs. Some of them can affect the genetic nucleus of cells, which is very undesirable for the fetus.

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As a preventive measure, it is best to use herbal preparations. Eat onion and garlic (in small quantities), make it a rule to eat a few tablespoons of natural honey with honeycombs every day. An excellent preventive measure against viral diseases are decoctions of chamomile, raspberry, linden blossom herbs. Before using this or that herb, find out if it can be used during pregnancy. For example, it is advisable to exclude nettles and coltsfoot from the collection for a while.

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