How To Take Apilac

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How To Take Apilac
How To Take Apilac

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"Apilak" is a preparation, the main component of which is royal jelly. The medicine contains many vitamins, amino acids and trace elements in its composition, which makes it possible to use it for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

How to take Apilak
How to take Apilak


Step 1

"Apilak" is prescribed for the treatment of cardiovascular, neurological, skin and gastrointestinal diseases, with increased physical exertion and chronic fatigue syndrome, for a speedy recovery after surgery and infections. In addition, the drug stimulates lactation, and therefore can be used in the postpartum period and during lactation crises.

Step 2

For the treatment of duodenal and stomach ulcers, use Apilac tablets. Take 1-2 pieces three times a day. Keep the tablet under the tongue until completely absorbed. In most cases, the exacerbation can be relieved within a week, but continue therapy for at least two weeks.

Step 3

To stimulate lactation, take one Apilac tablet before the first morning feed, in the afternoon and before bed. The drug is especially effective in the postpartum period and during lactation crises. The duration of treatment is 1, 5-2 weeks.

Step 4

In case of malnutrition in young children, use "Apilak" in the form of suppositories. Premature and newborns are shown suppositories with a dosage of 2.5 mg, children over a month old - 5 mg. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks, the frequency of admission is 3 times a day.

Step 5

If you experience an allergy, stop taking the drug immediately and drink an antihistamine. Side effects, such as sleep disturbances, increased nervous irritability, do not require discontinuation of therapy. Usually it is possible to normalize the condition by adjusting the dosage of "Apilak".

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