How To Gain Weight While Breastfeeding

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How To Gain Weight While Breastfeeding
How To Gain Weight While Breastfeeding

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It is not uncommon for women to lose weight during breastfeeding. This is due to many reasons: poor nutrition, lack of sleep, fatigue and others. Lack of body weight, like its excess, causes a feeling of discomfort, but you can gain a couple of kilograms if you approach the issue of nutrition correctly.

How to gain weight while breastfeeding
How to gain weight while breastfeeding


Step 1

Try to eat as often as possible, but in small portions - the food will be better absorbed. If you forget to eat regularly because you are busy, then set the alarm for a specific time.

Step 2

Eat more meat products because they are rich in protein. Baked goods also help in gaining pounds. If possible, diversify your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. Your body should receive as many beneficial nutrients as possible. But make sure that the baby does not have allergies. If you notice a rash, try to figure out the allergen and eliminate it from your diet.

Step 3

Take vitamin complexes if you cannot eat large amounts of vegetables and fruits. And from natural products, nutrients are absorbed in incredibly small quantities. Talk to your doctor about which drug is best for you. There are a large number of vitamin supplements for nursing mothers on sale, so it will be difficult to choose on your own.

Step 4

Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. With chronic sleep deprivation, weight gain will not work. Of course, this can be difficult, as young children very often wake up at night. If you have a restless toddler, ask someone close to watch him for several hours a day so you can rest during this time.

Step 5

If you experience sleep disturbances - a common occurrence after childbirth - take a motherwort decoction. This herb does not harm the health of the child, but just in case, check with the pediatrician, as individual intolerance is possible.

Step 6

Be patient if the weight is still not increasing. When you stop breastfeeding, you will return to your previous shape. But this is not a reason to stop breastfeeding prematurely. If you are concerned about this problem, see a dietitian. The specialist will develop a specific meal plan for you that will help you solve the problem.

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