How To Resume Lactation

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How To Resume Lactation
How To Resume Lactation

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Stress, hospitalization for mom or baby, medication are just some of the reasons why lactation may be interrupted. Sometimes the mother, despite all efforts, fails to normalize breastfeeding and provide the baby with milk. But the cessation of lactation is not a reason to completely abandon natural feeding. Breastfeeding can be resumed in most cases, despite taking breaks.

How to resume lactation
How to resume lactation

Unbalanced nutrition of the mother, long intervals between feedings, improper attachment of the baby can lead to milk loss - in each case, the reason is different. According to experts, the resumption of lactation is possible in 97-98 cases out of a hundred. The main thing is to believe in success and not to rush to completely transfer the baby to an artificial mixture.

Resuming breastfeeding: conditions

To successfully restore lactation, it is necessary, first of all, to understand the cause of milk loss and eliminate it. There is also a direct relationship between milk production and maternal nutrition. Therefore, with the loss of lactation, it is necessary to carefully monitor the completeness and variety of the diet of a nursing mother. During the feeding period, the mother is recommended to drink more liquid - up to 2 liters per day. These can be special teas for nursing women sold at the pharmacy.

Teas based on fennel, dill and other herbs help restore lactation; it is better to purchase them after consulting a doctor.

Frequent latching of the baby to the breast will help to resume lactation. Ideally, the mother needs to establish a joint sleep with the child for this time in order to offer him the breast at the first call. You need to try not to feed the baby with mixtures and not give him a dummy at night.

Direct contact of the mother with the baby will help increase the amount of milk produced through the influence of hormones. Therefore, a rational solution would be to select a sling so as not to part with a crumb even for a minute.

How to breastfeed

Breastfeeding counselors are likely to advise the mom on how to prepare her breasts for breastfeeding when she calls. To make it easier for the baby to eat milk, the mother should take a warm shower before feeding, this will increase the production of nutrient fluid.

If the baby requires breast less than once every hour and a half, during the period of resumption of lactation, it is worth expressing milk by hand or with a breast pump - not completely, but only so that the ducts are not clogged.

It is easiest to resume lactation when the baby is young - up to two months. However, this is not a reason to refuse breastfeeding at an older age.

An important aspect is the emotional mood of the mother, her confidence in establishing lactation. These days, you need to protect yourself from stress, nervousness, any negative situations. Mom needs more rest, good sleep and, of course, communicate with her beloved baby. When lactation resumes, the support and care of loved ones is needed more than ever.

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