Is It Possible For A Nursing Mother To Go To The Solarium

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Is It Possible For A Nursing Mother To Go To The Solarium
Is It Possible For A Nursing Mother To Go To The Solarium

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When a woman becomes a mother and then breastfeeds, she constantly has to ask questions about what can and cannot be done during this period. Sometimes it is very difficult to give up some of the usual procedures that she used before the birth of the child. Going to a tanning salon can be one of these habits.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to go to the solarium
Is it possible for a nursing mother to go to the solarium

To go or not to go to the solarium?

First of all, it would be logical to decide whether it is safe to go to the solarium in principle. There are no unequivocal opinions on this matter. Be that as it may, there is a lot of information about the probable dangers of tanning beds and the health problems it can cause. There are researchers who speak negatively about the effects of tanning beds. In a number of countries, adolescents under 16 are prohibited from visiting them, which means that there are reasons for this.

It should be borne in mind that there are a number of contraindications. This is, for example, taking certain medications that increase photosensitivity and can provoke a strong allergic reaction. Secondly, this is a large number of moles.

Tanning has advantages - in addition to giving the skin a golden hue, it increases the production of vitamin D in the body. However, many doctors recommend that nursing mothers refrain from visiting tanning salons. The female body during pregnancy and lactation is subject to sharp hormonal fluctuations. With all this, an increase in the production of growth hormone, which is stimulated by ultraviolet rays, puts too much stress on the hormonal system. This can increase the risk of breast lumps forming. Tanning may not affect the lactation process in any way, it may increase the amount of milk, and may even decrease it.

If a tan is not of fundamental importance for a girl, she may well do without it for some time in order to avoid possible risks for the child. But only the woman herself, having weighed all the pros and cons, decides whether to go to the solarium or not. Ideally, prior consultation with a doctor is required.

How to make your tan safer

If a woman does go to the solarium, precautions must be taken. Arriving at the salon, you need to make sure that the lamps have not expired, that the booth has an emergency shutdown button, that the booth has been treated with a disinfectant. Keeping the booth clean is very important, as a contracted infection can be passed on to a baby through milk.

A nursing mother should cover her breasts with a bra or swimsuit. Also, due to the activity of hormones, the risk of an increase in moles on the body and oncology increases, so you need to ask the administrator for stickers on moles. You should also cover age spots to protect them from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

It is necessary to use a special protective sunscreen cream with a high degree of UV protection. However, it is better not to apply it on the breast (but rather use a swimsuit), since such creams may contain components harmful to breast milk. In addition, if the baby does not like the smell of the cream, he may refuse the mother's breast.

Everyone, and especially nursing mothers, should not abuse tanning. It is best to stay in the booth for no more than five minutes, and on the first visit - no more than three minutes.

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