How To Choose A Bed

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How To Choose A Bed
How To Choose A Bed

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How many people suffer from back problems?

There are many, as many, as there are reasons for this disease. Have you ever thought about how the wrong bed can harm your spine?

How to choose a bed
How to choose a bed


Recently, a large number of different types of beds have been produced, therefore, before going to the store, you need to remember a few simple rules


Step 1

Decide on the destination.

Before you start looking at beds, first determine for yourself what you need a bed for.

Perhaps you sleep only 6 hours a day and then when you are terribly tired, or you attach great importance to sleep and spend more than a third of your life in bed, or perhaps you are buying a bed for guests. If you decide that the bed is needed for yourself, and you need to select it with the utmost care and for maximum comfort, then go ahead.

Step 2


Mattresses are sewn (mainly in sofa beds), and sometimes when the mattress needs to be bought and inserted separately. In both cases, the difference is not big, but still a separate mattress is more practical and useful from the point of view of medicine. Therefore, when choosing a bed, you should give preference to full beds with a separate mattress, but taking into account the fact that you have enough space in the apartment, since usually such beds take up several times more space than folding sofa beds.

Step 3


If you want the bed to serve you a long and loyal service, you need to place great emphasis on the strength of the material and fixings. Carefully inspect the legs, slats, castors, if any, the railings, the folding mechanism, the availability of space for bed linen and the strength of the bottom. Twitch, shake, jump on the bed and, if after that nothing flies off, then boldly examine it further.

Step 4

Bed flexibility.

Basically, the softness adjustment function is available for sofa beds, ottomans, etc.

They should be preferred if after sleep you want to hide the bed and make it as small as possible. But, with this choice, you should not skimp and go shopping in some "Economy Furniture". Do not be stingy and buy a bed that would first of all correspond to the orthopedic characteristics, and then fit the interior. If possible, try the bed right in the store. This is not a joke, most stores will not refuse you, since you do not know what your body wants, more than it itself.

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